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Private & Custom Training

Nowadays, the need for rapid product development is reaching its absolute height. Therefore, companies are focusing on developing new ways of delivering products faster. The agile project management is in high demand as it helps in delivering the product faster and maintains the quality of the product as well. Since it is a new development, organizations are not entirely aware of such agile training courses for their employees or workers.

We, at BPK Tech, have made it easier for our clients by introducing private and custom training courses based on agile project management.

Private Courses: These courses are for those who’d specifically like to receive the service in their own location. We reach out to our clients and provide them with crash courses to clear their doubts.

Custom Courses: These courses are pretty much similar to the private ones but it can be customized in accordance to the training requirement of the employee.

A Look into BPK Tech

We are an IT firm that develops and provides for various needs of our clients. As far as agile training courses are concerned, we are totally reliable and 100 percent fruitful for the same. We are reputed for the following reasons:

  1. Reliability: A reputation for reliability can only be achieved through constant and consistent service. With our skilled team, appointed for respective services, we are able to perform the promised projects in the best manner possible.
  2. Loyalty: We have a special preference for privacy and loyalty. In a delicate industry like IT, we have never been accused of piracy. Your information is absolutely safe and secure when working us. We believe in loyalty and strive to follow the same.
  3. Professionalism: When it comes to working, we only hire skilled and professional team members. We are completely devoted to our work and try to get it done with absolute conviction to ensure optimal satisfaction.
  4. Pocket-friendly Rates: There are several IT companies that pointlessly charge a horse for agile training courses. We are not one of them. We try to provide our clients with cost-effective rates for performing any and every function.
  5. Punctuality: We always deliver our project on time. In fact, we try to provide before the set deadline. As soon as you finish the course with us, we would not delay the scrum certification.

Please call us at (612) 293 - 7585 in US or +91 40-48560094 to find out more.

Where our Strength Lies?

1. Skilled Team: We never neglect proficiency and talent. Our teams comprise of handpicked employees who are well trained and knowledgeable in their respective departments. In addition to this, they are extremely disciplined and devoted towards their work.

2. Quality: The quality of the projects we produce have always been appreciated by our clients. We never compromise on it to maintain a timeline. In this context, we boast cent percentage of authenticity and effective CSM certification.

3. Variation: The IT industry is huge and the need of the clients are varied. We have the resource and the team to be able to meet the needs of the clients no matter what segment they need to work on. Our variety of services covers everything that involved IT.

Our Mode of Working

We work on a step by step basis. Our project management is handed over to a systematic team of employees to follow the following steps in working:

  • Communicating with their client: The first step towards taking up a project is interacting with the clients. This gives us a clear vision towards the client’s needs and requirements and helps to work on the project with better clarity.
  • Gathering assets: After we have envisioned the due project, we devise a team and collect all the resources that are necessary to conduct the same. If we are lacking behind any resource or asset, we put considerable labor in arranging for the missing element.
  • Developing a plan: In the context of deriving a CSM certification, we first develop a course program that is expected to benefit our clients. This plan is based on the technical focal points and is mostly a crash course that saves time.
  • Executing the finalized plan: Executing any plan requires a lot of attention and skill. We try to make sure that our project performs well in the client’s hand. In the case of Scrum certification, clients’ performance vouches for our success.
  • Cross-checking the produced project: This again depends on the performance of our projects or the clients in the practical field. As we get the response, we decide whether we need to work on it or if it is perfect on its own. We believe that cross-checking is mandatory for our growth.

To end with, it is worth mentioning that BPK Tech is one of the few IT firms that not only provides variety but also quality. Our scrum certification is aspired by a lot of high-end companies in this industry. It is not only because of our professional reputation and quality but also because of our policies which inspire us to build an intimate connection with our respective clients. Once you gain the CSM certification or scrum certification, you are most likely to return to us for further requirements.