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Why BPK Technologies?

The experience between the patient and the caregiver is at the heart of everything we do. With our unique software development approach, we can develop robust custom software to enable better care experience and optimize workflow in your growing DSO.


Deep Knowledge of Dental EMR System

We have worked with over 80+ dental practice management systems. These include but are not limited to EagleSoft, Open Dental, Dentrix, Softdent, Easy Dental, Practice Works, AbleDent, XL Dent, Ascend, Fuse, DentiMax, CurveDental, Dolphin, Dentrix Enterprise, Dentrix Canada, Denticon, iDentalSoft, Ortho2, Cloud9, OrthoTrac, Tracker, and a bunch moreType of Projects

  • Type of Projects

    We can help your growing DSO with custom software projects. Some common projects are listed below:

Business Intelligence projects

If your DSOs has affiliated with several practices and each practice is using its own practice management system then managing data from so many affiliated practices becomes a challanege to manage. At BPK Tech, our engineering team knows how to analyze all the data from hundreds of individual servers because we have helped several customers who have consolidated data through various methods to simplify technology footprint.

Custom dashboard development

There are several dashboard products in the market but do they really work for your growing DSO? The one-size-fits-all does not work in this case because most of these products can not be customized and they limit what data source they can go to.

We have helped customers build their own dashboards leveraging several technologies like Power BI, Lookr, custom development, Tableau, Amazon QuickSight, Qlik, D3.js, Canvas.js, Domo, Zoho Analytics and Sisense.

Affiliated Practice Consolidation

As your growing DSO affiliates more and more practice, each practice comes with its own systems – how do you integrate that? BPK Tech team has built a strategy to analyze, merge and migrate newly affiliated practice. Click here to download our strategy. (Saleem: When users click here, get their Name, DSO, Phone and email number. We will capture the data and later send them a one page PDF)

Custom Reporting

Your practices generate so much critical data but with all the data stuck in the practice management system, how to make decisions? At BPK Tech, we have helped several practices get customized reporting platform to make sense of data inside their practices at practice level and at corporate level. By leveraging the custom reporting with filters, you can quickly see all the data about your practice at once.

Custom extensions

DSOs have a love and hate relationship with their and their affiliates’ practice management system – all practice management systems are great until it doesn’t have that extension you need. We at BPK Tech have written several extensions to your practice management systems so you can be efficient as fast as you can.

If the practice management system does not allow custom extensions, we will build an extension around it so your experience is seamless.

Digital Channel Implementation

Your digital presence is your and your affiliate’s life – getting it right is easier than you think if you have the right partner. We at BPK Tech can help your teams improve your digital presence and make it become the necessary part of lead generation.

Provider Payment Management

Providing the transperancy needed to ensure that the providers can see all payment flows is critical to build the trust your growing DSO needs. We can automate your internal production, collection, draws and other such agreeements with ADP/Paychex or your payroll provider.

ERP integration

The practice management systems don’t talk to any external systems – with financial data stuck inside them, we can help your teams connect it to any ERP system and automate all of Excel management with complete automation.

 At BPK Tech, our teams have taken the raw data output from your practice management systems and massaged it with various business rules to automate the entire workflow to your internal financial system. We have worked with Peachtree, NetSuite, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho Accounting etc.

API development

If you are trying to build a new product like an app or just need to build applications around your practice management system but don’t know where to see, we can help build APIs for you that will read and write data into your practice management system.

 Our dental API development experience ranges from reading all types of data including Patient Demographic, A/R, Treatment Plan, XRay and Walkouts.

X-ray Integration

If you are looking to switch xray software or have specific needs to integrate, we can help with such integration. We at BPK Tech have experience in Apertyx XVWeb, XVLite, Dexis, Schick, Apex and other intraoral cameras as well.

Improve Revenue Cycle

BPK has built several custom solutions to help you automate, visualize and increase your ROI so that you can focus on patient care. From claims management to cash projects to overall financial reporting – we can help you realize it faster.

We have helped customers with several projects, some of these projects are listed below.

  • Build core API levels for a large PMS system
  • Integrate 3rd party x-rays – Apertyx / Dexis / Others will CDR-Schick – Save the cost of server onsite
  • Built patient/customer loyalty program including for offices accepting government funded plan
  • Build chart-notes API to be used by an outside app to store and retrieve chart notes for remote access that PMS system won’t allow
  • Large complex dashboard to pull data from Dentrix, OpenDental, EagleSoft and Softdent for A/R cycle
  • Ortho and Pedo data synch up from PMS to ERP system
  • Simplify 200+ clinic footprint by consolidating Dentrix local to DW via ETL
  • Build GoogleAnalytics like solution for a PMS system to monitor which button and windows were used, keep track of open/close times, time spent – this allowed the PMS company to build a better product and enhance their customer’s user experience
  • Build an A/R system for a large PMS system
  • Build a supplemental Dashboard offering for a mid-size PMS system – they currently sell the license for dashboard in addition to PMS system
  • Built texting, social review and in-house communication system