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With over a decade of rich experience and leveraging industry-proven technologies, we at BPK Tech help DSOs to increase their profitability and productivity effectively with our custom dashboard.

Built with all dental practice owners’ essential requirements in mind, our custom KPI dashboard helps you to measure your practice’s metrics. What’s more! With our custom dashboard, everything about your dental practices will be in front of your eyes!  Our seamless and intuitive dashboard helps to get a bird’s eye-view about your dental practice growth in terms of productivity and profitability, day to day transparency of accounts, day to day transaction reports, total visitors, production and collection reports, the total number of new patients, and A/R reports.

This real-time information enables providers to optimize patient flow, reduces recall rates, minimize no shows and helps you handle the unexpected. Our custom dashboard automatically pulls relevant information from your PMS and combines it with real-time actionable data, and delivers result-oriented content.

Our KPI Dashboard is very flexible and can be configured to show the information you want to see. The completely customizable interface allows you to adjust the metrics you need and it can be easily customized using drill-down options. As a result, the patient flow will be increased automatically along with the revenue.

To know more information about our custom dashboard and its KPIs, schedule a demo with us.

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