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As a dental practice owner, you need to take care of many things, which may take too much of your valuable time.

Be it determining insurance policy or communicating with patients and reminding them of upcoming appointments may take time. Even backing up your dental practice’s data can be time-consuming! Right?

Well, no worries! Here’s the good news. Based on your practice’s requirements, advances in software now make most of these tasks relatively seamless and easy. And, you are going to witness more software enhancements in the future, which will allow you to focus even more time on your patients.

You may think, how software will help dental practices run more efficiently? Right?

Well, custom dental software helps things that are set in the background to run efficiently. You can easily do day-to-day-type tasks easily like organizing appointments and sending appointment reminders. In this case, you could use automated reports, which help you to identify opportunities with patients that will be seen that day, or use information from those reports to celebrate patient care wins.

You could also automate tasks like insurance processing so that your dental practice’s staff can stay more focused on the patient experience. That’s the power of custom dental software! But, specifically, what are the major areas of your dental practice where custom dental software can make the absolute biggest difference? Here we’ve narrowed down three crucial things: 

1)Back up your patient data: Historically, this has been a huge task. And, for many, it still is a large task! But, we at BPK Tech will make it happen in the background without a single click. Our engineers help you back up your patient data with ease – something that took many hours to recover from in the past.

What’s more, we also help you to back up patient data not just to your servers, but also to the cloud. So, no matter what, your data is safe and sound.

2) Communicate with patients: In the past, another time-consuming task for dental practices is to communicate with patients. A few years ago, dental practices used 4-5 mobile phones to reach out to patients and remind them of upcoming appointments. However, now this can be automated quite easily.

But, now with the advent of technology, you can automate simple reminder emails, calls, and texts. What’s more! You can also allow patients to request appointments and make payments online, survey patients after recent visits, and ask patients to give their opinion about your practice online, which will help you to increase patient flow.  Moreover, all of which will help boost productivity and efficiency.

3) Manage the billing process: Here’s yet another process that historically has been very time-consuming for your practice’s staff. But BPK Tech’s custom software solutions help to relieve that stress and can result in real bottom-line savings.

And forget about those long phone calls to visiting payer websites or insurance companies, now BPK Tech helps you to check on eligibility right in the platform, saving you hours on the phone and on the web.

There are certainly other areas of running a dental practice where our custom software solutions can help – these just happen to be the areas with the biggest potential for immediate impact with our automated bots.  

BPK Tech can help you analyze practice data, track progress toward business goals, and spot red flags of your practice. Always remember, improving simple tasks in your dental practice can truly help improve your practice’s productivity. Whether it’s appointment reminders or backing up your patient data, allow you to focus more time on the reason you got into dentistry in the first place: your patients.

We at BPK Technologies excel in delivering custom software which helps you improve the productivity, and efficiency of your dental practice. If you want to know more about our custom software solutions, please feel free to reach us at bettersystem@bpktech.com or you can visit our website: https://www.bpktech.com/dso/

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