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Technology is created to make our lives easier and chatbots are no exception. If you haven’t heard of them yet, chatbots are an innovative way to automate frequently occurring processes in your practice: such as providing information on claim procedures, insurance eligibility of patients, appointment scheduling, reminders, and, many more.

Accurate claim billing and payment recording are very important for your dental office. As many dentists are focused on the treatment side of their practice, they may miss a few issues in the administrative department.

Inaccurate claim/insurance billing, late or missing claims reminders, and malfunctioning auto drafts can cost a dental practice thousands of dollars or more every month. It’s important to have a claims bot that functions as a complete billing and payment system that allows your admin staff to program automatic payments, send out claiming statements, submit insurance claims online, and more.

Are you frustrated by how to maintain accountability in the less complicated processes in your dental office?  Let’s see how BPK Tech solves this problem.

Remain relevant. Get up to speed.

Providers and payers spend a lot of bucks on insurance and medical billing costs. But what can be done?

Using powerful AI techniques, BPK Tech can process unstructured data to turn it into business-ready data. Optimize your practice’s claims & operational processes and improve the patient experience.

We also understand many third-party providers have been serving practices for many years – insurance verification, billing, front desk, Dental Consultants, IT, to name a few. But market dynamics are changing. Embrace BPK Tech’s custom claims bots to remain relevant about claims/insurance.

Put your Practice on Autopilot

As mentioned previously, BPK Tech offers custom Claim Bot features to assist with almost every aspect of your claims associated with your dental practice. Our BPK Tech’s Claim Bots take advantage of AI and understand to learn common questions and provide tailored responses based on previous interactions. And it automates and generates more significant outcomes in Recalls, Patient A/R, Payments, Treatment Plans, Appointments, Insurance Verification, Missed Calls, Forms, EOB Postings.

Our claims chatbots also help you reduce costs associated with repetitive manual tasks. It also enables you to improve processes and even create new revenue streams.

Claims are automatically posted and what’s more all the adjustments are updated in the PMS system. Bots will automatically retrieve claim data from the payor’s website and post in PMS system.

Note: BPK Tech also provides serval custom bot features for every aspect of maintaining a dental office, from the scheduling of patients to creating custom reports about your practice’s overall performance.

Claims Processing

BPK Tech’s Claim Bots can digitize and process incoming invoices from providers to seamlessly extract required data with minimal intervention. Automation enables to streamline many of the processes involved in verifying patients’ (new and existing) eligibility and benefits.

Schedule a demo with us so that we can explain the features of our Claim bots to help your Verification/Billing/AR business processes.

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