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Centralized Billing System

Centralized Claim and Billing Process, Simplified

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Offsite Bill Access – Simplify and Centralize Billing and Claim Filling to Accelerate Revenue

Looking for a custom Centralized Billing System that centralizes billing and claim filing while providing seamless billing and insurance claim processing?

Are you facing issues with filing insurance claims in a timely manner?

Experiencing an interruption in your cash flow as the result of insurance negations? Or perhaps you just want to centralize your affiliates’ claim and billing procedures to lessen your operational overhead?

Then BPK Tech has got you covered.

Comprehensive Billing and Claim Information All in One Centralized Place

At BPK Tech, we understand that patients expect to be informed about their billing information seamlessly. Our dental centralized billing software have an intuitive functionality that optimizes workflow, reduces errors, and accelerates cash flow. Integrating with leading financial systems, our reliable and seamless custom health insurance claims management software optimize the payment cycle, reduce administrative burden, and increase collections for your affiliates.

dental centralized billing

Our Centralized Billing System Expertise:

Our easy-to-use custom software helps you implement a cost-effective billing solution to deliver a comprehensive billing and payment system. You can also handle the complete billing functions for all your affiliated practices at one central office, including account collections, insurance claim submission, monthly statements, and insurance claim follow-up.

The scalable billing system architecture included in our custom software is to support all transactions associated with insurance policies. Our Centralized Billing System complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and also reduces the operating and administrative costs of your affiliated practices.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With our customized centralized claim management software, you can reduce cycle times, which can positively impact customer satisfaction, loyalty, improve patient retention, and business results.

Reduce Maintenance and System Costs

With our claims management software functionality, modifications to information are completed once and reflected through all integrated systems.

Improve Claims Handling and Accelerate Cycle Times

The advanced reporting and custom dashboards in our claims management software distributes data quickly, enabling faster, more informed decisions.

Want to improve your affiliated practices’ profitability by processing bills and claims centrally?

If you are looking to centralize your affiliates’ claim and billing procedures, our centralized claim management software has you covered.
For more comprehensive details about our centralized claim management software

dental centralized billing

Our Claims Management Software Perform Below Functions:

  • Filter A/R data by balance, aging, the amount outstanding of insurance, and more.
  • Shows the effectiveness of your collection efforts.
  • Filters patient’s age and displays balances.
  • Helps you analyze your performance statistics, including collections and A/R aging.
  • Allows your practice to efficiently process credit and debit card payments.
  • Let’s you create and send electronic statements on demand.
  • Shows reports that identify which claims are outstanding by the insurance carrier.

Our dental centralized billing not only manages insurance claims but maximizes the benefits of your affiliated practices as well

As a growing DSO, your requirements are complex, but your practice management solution doesn’t have to be. We understand that your affiliated practices probably deal with hundreds of benefit plans. So, our claims handling software allow you to take control of all these plans, giving you remote access to your database, and help you to manage all insurance claims in one central place.

Our claims management software helps you create patient’s insurance claims to reduce reimbursement time. Your claims are automatically validated and electronically sent to your insurance carriers. You can easily add attachments to your claims, such as – x-rays, digital radiographs, photos, and other supporting documents. Our custom software helps to monitor your reimbursements with real-time status updates and can be set up to alert you immediately if a claim is accepted or denied by the insurance provider.


How Does Our Centralized Claim Custom Software Work?

Our dental centralized billing helps us to carefully handle your claims in the following steps:

Check for coding and billing errors


Send you an EOB (explanation of benefits)

Pre-adjudicate the claim to make it accurate

File the processed claim with the insurance company

Provide you electronic claim eligibility status

Receive denied claims and re-adjudicate them

Why BPK Tech?

Our centralized claim management helps your affiliated practices:

  • Get insights with business analytics
  • Increase collections
  • Reduce denial rate
  • Decrease days in A/R
  • Stay ahead of payer rules
  • Increase clean claim rate

Do you want to accelerate the revenue of your affiliated practices with our offsite billing access and claiming? Then, feel free to contact us anytime!

claims management software

A proven track record for solo practices and DSOs

Our custom-based software solutions help your affiliated practices improve patient flow, increase revenue, takes away the stress of compliance, and give you line-of-sight with analytics.

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