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No one expected a global pandemic. No one expected to be forced to stay home. No one knew COVID-19 was going to shut down the world, but it’s always important to be ready for a disaster.

The way you see patients have been turned upside down as a result of COVID-19, and we’re all living in the new normal.

During this pandemic situation, Teledentistry is the only solution that can help practice quickly, efficiently, and safely consult with patients, and foster open communication with patients during this crisis.

Reach your patients with our teledentistry software

Our custom teledentistry software makes your practice nimble in uncertainty. Teledentistry is now an important part of offering dental care, and follow-up care to your patients. 

Was this your experience?: Struggling to provide dental care for your patients as your dental practice was shut down? No worries. We’re here for you! 

Here are a few ways BPK Tech helps your dental practices stay up, and running during these tough times:

Protect Your Patients and Your Practice

Remote Work

Our custom teledentistry software is cloud-based; this allows our customers to have their staff work from home, ensuring those staff are better protected from contracting COVID-19 or passing it on. You or your employees can answer calls from home, and reschedule patients right from home. 

After all the rescheduling of non-emergency procedures, this is the best time to encourage patients to book appointments in the coming months, so when your dental practice can finally reopen, there will be a fully stacked appointment schedule. 

We can make this very easy by offering online booking. You can simply send out their online booking link, and let patients pick a time that is best for them!

Teledentistry – Visuals Made Virtual

Patient Communication

It is crucial to be able to communicate with patients in a time like this. With our intuitive features, dentists have access to all the patients’ records, and billing information when communicating. 

Texting is a highly effective patient communication tool that allows you to automate workflows for reminders, reschedule reminders, and online scheduling. So, during this COVID-19 situation, you can make use of our texting feature as it reduces friction in patient care, making it easy, and convenient for patients to communicate with your practice to schedule a virtual doctor appointment.

This process allows you to improve patient satisfaction and patient experience without putting the extra workload on you or your staff. All in all, our teledentistry software help dental practices to increase their patient flow, efficiency, and ROI during this Coronavirus crisis.

Summing Up:

During the coronavirus outbreak, you can reach your patients and provide exceptional service through teledentistry as it gives you the ability to reach your patients virtually. You can hold virtual consultations to follow up with your existing patients, pre-screen emergency patients, and move forward with specialty care.

If you would like to demo our teledentistry software in order to know more about what BPK Tech can offer you during COVID-19, please schedule a demo by clicking the button below or reach out to us at (612) 293 – 7585/ bettersystem@bpktech.com. 

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