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Medical Inventory Management Software

We Deliver the Next Level of Productivity and Patient Care with Our Custom Software Solutions.

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Our BPK Techies have been on a mission to transform dentistry and simplify technology with our cutting-edge custom software solutions. Our main mission and agenda is to create custom dental inventory management software for dental suppliers that meet the evolving needs of every dental practice. From intraoral and extraoral imaging equipment to CAD/CAM solutions, imaging analysis software to practice management systems, we cater to every need of dental suppliers with our custom based software solutions.

Backed by an experienced leadership team and dedicated to a higher level of service and support, we combine technical excellence and state of the art equipment to provide the highest quality results. We have developed custom medical inventory management software for several dental suppliers.

Here we have listed a few of our completed projects.

  • Building a custom dashboard with multiple charts for a PMS system.
  • Building core web API for various PMS systems.
  • Building an imaging module to manipulate (Annotations/Markup) the images, create/ maintain the templates and store the file.

BPK Tech Delivers Better Products

Our custom dental inventory management software is reliable, affordable, and deliver your vision of using the latest technology to provide innovative patient treatment and improve practice management.

Reliable Partnerships with Customers:

We work closely with dental manufacturers to deliver seamless products with our custom medical inventory management software.

In-depth Technical Expertise:

Leveraging the latest technology and decades of experience, we build, test, and certify integrated technology solutions that work.

Proven Configurations:

Our dental clinic inventory management configurations are proven to be reliable, and have been installed in many dental practices.

We Help Suppliers to Build Better Dental Products

Moreover, up-to-date dental operatory products/ equipments enable greater efficiencies and smoother workflows for your affiliated practices. We offer dental inventory software that keep your affiliated practices running efficiently and effectively.

We do extensive research regarding all technologies available to make the most accurate decisions in order to stay at the forefront of the dental industry and to supply the newest, most innovative technologies in dental products to our suppliers. We push ourselves to the extra mile to provide the best and most advanced dental products, giving our customers exactly the solution, they require.

We leverage the most relevant technologies while enabling our dental office inventory management software to develop dental products. Built on an open architecture system, our medical inventory software can be fully integrated with your current dental equipment and delivers superior accuracy.

With our experience and technology vision we follow the below steps to deliver dental inventory software:

  • Design, develop and install technology as one integrated solution.
  • We always ensure our clients get full value from our custom medical inventory management software.
  • Provide comprehensive support that ensures your productivity and patient care.
  • Recommend the best technology within your budget
medical inventory software

A proven track record for solo practices and DSOs

Our custom-based software solutions help your affiliated practices improve patient flow, increase revenue, takes away the stress of compliance, and give you line-of-sight with analytics.

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BPK Tech started working with Dental Support Organizations (DSO) in 2010 when the DSO market was catching up. Over the years, BPK Tech has helped several DSOs on various projects.

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