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If we ask the dentist a question about KPIs – What’s your most important dental KPIs? How did you select it, why does it matter, and how are you gauging the KPI metrics of your practice?

You may get a pause. One pause turns to two. Two turns to a freeze.

And the freeze grows into a silence suggesting confusion.

Well, in the imagined scenario above, did your attention improve in on how you’d answer? Or did you feel scattered?

Well, we write a lot about the dental KPI dashboard here at BPK Tech. If you’ve been our regular blog reader long enough, you can likely know our KPI management software and it’s eight most important KPIs along with KPIs dashboard solution.

But what about, when it comes to one KPI? What about when you need to select the single most important KPI for your practice? The one that in many ways is a representation of your practice’s impact? 

How did you select this ONE KPI for your practice?

To measure the dental metrics of your practice, how did you choose that KPI from among so many others?

What challenges were you facing? Which method or process do you use to select the right KPI with our dental KPI dashboard? How are you monitoring progress toward this KPI?

Well, to know more about KPIs dashboard software, it’s not enough to know the KPI you are driving toward; you must know that KPI’s story.

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Why does this KPI matter and what are the advantages of KPI?

Well, we’ve narrowed down and discussed briefly our KPI software and dental KPIs advantages. Read on!

If you’re using spreadsheets, then it gives us a glimpse into how you’re using those methods and why you believe they are cutting-edge. If you’re using a KPIs dashboard solution, there’s no need to make a case for cutting-edge.

And also, just imagine being able to see, at a glance:

•How effective and profitable your treatment planning is, how many patients you’re treating, and the types of treatment.

•Trends in treatments, patient numbers, potential patients vs. new patients, and more.

•How much it’s costing to get new patients via the several marketing methods your practice uses.

•Where you need to focus to increase patient flow, dental practice turnover, and profitability.

Why dental KPIs are Important for Managing Dental Practices?

There are various reasons, of course, but here are three that stand out:

  • Dental KPIs support and influence business objectives
  • KPIs are critical for performance management
  • KPIs foster personal growth

Well, now getting into the actual point:

Owning/managing a profitable practice requires you to be more than a dentist. To be successful, you need to run your dental practice like an efficient business. One of the best ways to do that is to use KPIs dashboard software to measure dental metrics.

So, what is a Dental Dashboard?

KPI Dashboard

Well, a dental dashboard is a way to quickly understand what’s going on throughout your dental business. A dental KPIs dashboard is a crucial part of running a data-driven practice.

By leveraging KPI Software, you can accelerate your practice growth. Using KPIs dashboard software is one of the best ways to run your practice more like a business.

Ultimately, a dental dashboard gives you an overview of the health of your practice as well as the specific measurements you need to improve decision-making and grow it. That’s a dental dashboard!

Why Do I Need a Dental Dashboard?

This is like, if we ask you, “Why do you need a toothbrush?”

Ultimately, your business generates a lot of data. You need a toothbrush to scrub that data for you to reveal the beautiful gems of insight that tell you exactly where you need to improve your practice operations. With custom reports, dental metrics and threshold alerts, a dental KPIs dashboard lets you know exactly where your practice cavities are.

Monitoring Specific KPI’s To Understand Your Dental Metrics!

And if you begin to fill them, using your data to inform your business decisions, your dental KPIs dashboard will also let you know how you’re performing against your targets. Plus, going forward, your historical data can be prescriptive to also help guide decisions about what should happen to your dental metrics.


  • Increase efficiency & productivity with automation
  • Save time with insightful & actionable data at a glance
  • Gain a free flow of information between your entire team
  • Identify & correct negative trends
  • Get real-time performance checks & balances & up-to-date progress evaluations

How Do I Choose a Dental Dashboard?

It’s simple. Read our blog and we’ll walk you through all the points to check and compare before you buy!

Once you have gathered important KPIs and dental metrics about your dental practice, we suggest you take a look at where you stand. The numbers don’t lie. Identifying areas of weakness will help you prioritize improvements and hopefully motivate you to try out new strategies.

So, try setting new goals for your dental practice for each KPI and be proactive about finding the reasons for unfavorable numbers. Evaluate, improve, and then evaluate with our KPIs management software.

Final KPI musings

For most people, good health is very important. As the world saying goes, “If you’re healthy, you’re wealthy.” The same is true in the case of dental practice as well. A strong, healthy practice will have flourishing production and profitability, subsequently, a robust bottom line. So, to help determine the health of their practice, dentists should consider its major KPIs.

Summing up, although a dental practice may seem to be running smoothly, one way to know its true health is to track KPI metrics. Our KPIs dashboard solution will help you to do so!

Happy tracking! 😊

We want to help your dental practice succeed with our KPIs dashboard software.  Schedule a free demo and learn how BPK Tech’s KPIs management software is the perfect choice for your practice management. Or you can download our case study and master KPI metrics to measure your practice growth.

Want to reach your goals? Then you have to start tracking your dental practice metrics right away.

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