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Dental Practice Analytics

Our Custom Software Helps You and Your Affiliated Practices Thrive

Do you want to build dashboard for your affiliated solo practices?

Looking to enhance patient engagement along with ROI of your affiliated solo practices?

Then we have got you covered.

 Leveraging industry-proven technologies, we help you manage every aspect of your affiliated dental practice analytics effectively. Built with all your essential needs in mind, we enhance productivity and patient flow for your affiliated solo practices. The result? More patients schedule appointments resulting in your affiliated solo practices bottom-line increasing.

dental analytics

How Interphase Helps Your Affiliated Solo Practices:

dental analytics

Accelerates your affiliated solo practices productivity

dental kpi dashboard

Eliminate no-shows

dental practice analytics

Improves patient communication

dental appointment reminder

Day-to-day transparency of accounts

dental analytics

Day-to-day reports

dental practice analytics

Increase patient ratio


We provide the right software, the right technology, and the right expertise to reduce no-shows and increase productivity and patient retention.

About Interphase

Interphase reduces no-show rate by dental appointment reminders through – phone calls, texts, and emails to keep productivity and revenue high. This further allows you to reduce no shows and increase the revenue of your dental practices.

Interphase provides appointment reminders, checkup reminders, and periodical checkup reminders all via email, text, and phone calls. Interphase’s dental KPI dashboard has 8 KPIs which analyze dental practices’ production, collection, A/R, and their daily transactions in different graphs. Interphase also provides features including; Paperless Dental Practice, Dental Recall process, Dental Dashboard, Interoffice Communication, Patient Engagement, and Phone Assistance.


Why Interphase?

BPK Tech’s own product Interphase dashboard is designed to deliver superior performance, better care, and better outcomes. With over a decade of rich experience, we help you improve patient experience and allow you to connect with your patients. Our dashboard helps you to:

Focus More on Patient Care

Our intuitive and easy-to-use custom software helps your affiliated solo practices to concentrate on patient care while we take care of all the major functions in the practice.

Get Paid Faster

Our real-time dental analytics provide you with useful metrics to streamline processes and easily eliminate administrative burden and accelerate cash flow.

Find and Engage Patients

You can engage existing patients and attract new patients. This drives a greater ROI and improves patient retention for your affiliated solo practices.

Start Growing Your Affiliated Solo Practice with BPK Tech!

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dental practice analytics

Dashboard – Real-time metrics built for your affiliated solo practices!

Everything you need to know about your affiliated solo practices is now right in front of your eyes with our intuitive dashboard!

Are you spending a lot of time on charts, clicking through software modules, identifying A/R’s, and analyzing clinical performance? BPK Tech solves all these problems. Our seamless dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of all your affiliated solo practices.

At a glance, you’ll know your affiliated solo practices clinical performance in terms of productivity and profitability, day to day transaction reports, day to day transparency of accounts, total visitors, the total number of new patients, production and collection reports, and A/R reports. This real-time information enables you to optimize patient flow, minimize no shows, reduces recall rates, and helps you handle the unexpected. Our intuitive dashboard automatically pulls relevant information from your practice management software, combines it with real-time actionable data, and delivers actionable content.

Our Analytics KPI Dashboard is very flexible and can be configured to show the information you want to see. The completely customizable interface allows you to adjust the metrics you need and it can be easily customized using drill-down options.


Interphase features highlights

Dental Appointment Reminders

Remind your patients about their upcoming appointments with personalized, customizable, and automated email, text and voice process appointment reminders according to their communication preference.

Online Reviews:

We generate quality, authentic online reviews by automatically inviting your patients to leave reviews on the sites that matter most, such as Google, Facebook, and social media. With Interphase, your patients get an automatic review request via SMS with a link that allows them to post a review while they are still in your office or any time later.


Interphase allows your patients to text back and forth with your practice in real-time via two-way messaging and your staff can respond directly from their desktop computer or you can automatically send messages via chatbots. The patients can book or reschedule their appointments if they are running late, patients love the personal touch and the ease of communicating with the dental practice.


Our intuitive dental KPI dashboard automatically pulls relevant information from your practice management software, combines it with real-time dental analytics, and delivers actionable content. You can analyze the dental practice’s growth in terms of revenue and patient flow. The completely customizable interface allows you to adjust the dental analytics you need and it can be easily customized using drill-down options. Our dental KPI dashboards simplify how your affiliated practices can be managed for increased productivity and efficiency.

Online Appointment Scheduling:

We focus on bringing efficiency and accuracy to your dental practices’ scheduling. With Interphase, you can manage online appointment scheduling with ease, anywhere at any time. Our seamless access to scheduling and patient data means you can spend more time with patients and less on administrative tasks. Through online appointment scheduling, patients can select specific appointment types, providers, location, time, and dates. Not only gives patients the access they want, but online appointment scheduling also relieves the burden on administrative staff.

Gain Control Over Your Affiliated Solo Practices Data to Deliver Striking Insights with Our Dental KPI Dashboards:

Here’s a list of our eight Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which help you gain a deeper understanding of how well your affiliated solo practices are operating.

The eight KPIs of our dashboard are:

New Patient

This KPI provides a detailed overview of the number of new patients visited the clinic, the number of treatment plans presented to the patients and how many patients accepted the treatment plans.


Collection KPI measures how much revenue has been collected to your dental practice from the patients and the insurance carrier.

Total Visitors

This KPI helps to analyze the total number of patients visited your dental practice.


This KPI helps to find out the recall rate of your dental practice i.e. how many patients revisited your clinic through our reminder system.


Production KPI measures how much revenue has been generated to your dental practice from the patients and the insurance carriers.


This KPI helps to measure the due amount from patients billing and insurance claims. The Account Receivable KPI shows whether your practice is actually generating revenue or not.

End of the day

End of the day KPI represents how many active patients visited, new patients accepted for the treatment and how much revenue generated and collected at the end of the day.


This KPI helps to measure the due amount from patients billing and insurance claims within the time period between 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days.

A proven track record for solo practices and DSOs

Our custom-based software solutions help your affiliated practices improve patient flow, increase revenue, takes away the stress of compliance, and give you line-of-sight with analytics.

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BPK Tech started working with Dental Support Organizations (DSO) in 2010 when the DSO market was catching up. Over the years, BPK Tech has helped several DSOs on various projects.

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