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DSOs provide support, strategy, a significant boost in revenue, and the ability to increase patient flow and patient retention to dental practices. You can also analyze the performance of your affiliated dental practices faster and with less effort.


Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness

With automated reporting across your multiple affiliated dental practices, you can save time and energy.

Gain Detailed Insights

DSOs help you to dig deeper into the detailed reports of your affiliated practices with a custom dashboard. You can also create custom reports to explore additional insights and data.

Accelerate Patient Flow and Retention

DSO helps to enhance patient flow and retention without the need to spend more on marketing.

Track and Improve Performance

You can track the growth of your affiliated practices and their Multi Practices all at one time. This allows you to analyze data from the fastest-growing practices and help others achieve similar results.

Analyze the Progress of your Growing Practices on a Simple Dashboard

DSOs help you to track the progress of your affiliated practices at a glance in a custom, yet concise, dashboard.

We offer DSO Benefits, which help to escalate your most valuable asset – brand reputation!

Administration of all your affiliated dental practices is a huge time commitment. Moreover, managing and supervising numerous practices include dealing with the needs of patients, dealing with staff challenges, working with third-party payees, and a myriad of other responsibilities. This all takes time, energy, constant thought, effort, and money.

Entrusting some of your administrative responsibilities to a DSO allows you to focus on your solo practices growth. Our custom software for dental also helps to improve the production and patient flow of your associated practices while allowing you to maintain excellent dental care.


Specific DSO Benefits:

DSOs drive great ROI and improve patient retention of your affiliated dental practices in the following ways.

Reduction in Administrative Responsibilities

DSOs help to reduce all the administrative responsibilities.

Provide Reduced Involvement with Insurance Companies

DSOs will be your voice in dealing with dental insurance plans.

Manage Tasks Easily

DSOs help to manage various tasks that enhance your productivity.

Allow Greater Focus on Patient Care

By delegating the burden of administrative tasks, you can seamlessly grow your DSO.

Provide Legal Support

Legal implications of treating patients are a time-costly part of managing your affiliated dental practices. However, this can be reduced by joining a DSO.

Greater Ability to Serve Income-challenged Patients

DSOs helps to grow dso and also helps you to care for low-income patients at your dental practices.

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A proven track record for solo practices and DSOs

Our custom-based software solutions help your affiliated practices improve patient flow, increase revenue, takes away the stress of compliance, and give you line-of-sight with analytics.

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BPK Tech started working with Dental Support Organizations (DSO) in 2010 when the DSO market was catching up. Over the years, BPK Tech has helped several DSOs on various projects.

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