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One of the major aspects to become successful is to focus on your intentions on the ways a dental KPI dashboard leads to a DSO success.  If you manage a DSO/solo practice, you may be aware of the massive amounts of data your practice management system hosts. Right?

Well, analyzing your practice’s data through a dental KPI dashboard gives you a more accurate idea of what’s creating profitable production for your practice. With our BPK Tech’s custom dashboard, you can distill your practice’s data into useful reports.

Metrics for improving practice’s performance:

Here’re three keys to a dental KPI dashboard and DSO success.

1. Simplified report creation

Data is an asset but it’s also overwhelming. So, you need to sort all the data into measurable via the reporting process. Because manually organizing practice’s data into a readable form is a time-intensive process.  

But, a dental KPI dashboard has a core benefit – Data aggregation. Yes, dental KPI Dashboard generates data-driven reports with just a few clicks, and what’s more …Reports can be generated as per your requirements.

2. Drill-down into practice’s performance metrics

Remember – What you think you should be measuring and what actually needs measuring could be two different things. So, quick access to deep insights through a KPI dashboard helps you to drive strategic planning for your practice.

For example, patients, who leave your practice without scheduling or those who break appointments should be measured next to those you’ve converted to treatment, etc.

Deeper insights could also include:

  • Production per hygienists’ ratios
  • Month-to-date and year-to-date perspective

3. Maximize time usage

Do you know?

Dental KPI dashboards save the average DSOs group manager 2+ hours a day and 11+ hours a month for the average practice.

You may wonder, how an extra hour per day might not seem like much. But what it could total in patient engagement, patient retention, patient acquisition, for each practice would be to your advantage.

  • Time for patient contact and follow-up
  • Time for revenue increase
  • Time for your providers treating patients rather than analyzing data

In essence, a dental KPI dashboard functions somewhat as an essential team member within each practice throughout your practice. In fact, it’s an investment with high ROI if you make the most of its capabilities.

Summing Up:

Streamline the process with a custom dashboard that includes the essential capabilities expected from a dental dashboard. BPK Tech’s custom KPI dashboard helps assure that you’re tracking the important metrics and staying on-track with your goals.

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