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In the light of unexpected COVID-19 pandemic across the world, a few dental practices chose to suspend their dental services temporarily. Others, in areas less affected by COVID-19, took a more measured approach and stayed open with bolstered sterilization and patient safety procedures.

However, experiencing the new normal like never before, you can turn your hurting practice into a thriving practice, even if you feel overwhelmed and you aren’t sure where to start. We’ve put together a few tips to help get you back on the right path with more profits in one day.

 Following these tips will help you improve productivity and grow your patient flow, productivity, ROI, and beyond. Ready to get started?

What if you could grow your dental practice profitability 15-20% in just one day? Wondering how? This is very possible.  Let us explain clearly.

 Dentists typically invest lots of bucks, time, and energy in developing their clinical skills. You may attend a lot of dental seminars to improve the level of care and services that they can offer to their patients. But here’s the primary principle you may not have ever thought of.

So, just by carefully putting questions into your conversations with patients you can grow your practice easily 15-20% in just a day or two days.

The first question is when your patient calls your dental practice to schedule an appointment, ask them if there’s any other family member, who needs a dental appointment. As per research, if you added this question, you were 20% more likely to schedule another person than if you didn’t. Yes, 20%. So that one question alone can increase the number of appointments and visits by 20%.

Isn’t it a pretty powerful question?

The second power question, if possible, would you like to schedule your appointment today? Any time a patient is found to have some dental issue that needs to be prepared, asking them if they’re willing to do it that day. Now, you’ll be shocked at how many patients are excited about doing the same-day-dentistry.

 So, you think everybody’s done and they want to go. But the reality is, patients have organized their life around being in your dental practice at that time on that particular day, and if they can stay a half hour, one hour and get something done and they wouldn’t have to come back, about 70% of patients will jump at it. So, all those downtimes, all those failed and canceled appointments are really opportunities to be doing same-day dentistry like this.

If you do those strategies and start doing them tomorrow, your practice will grow tomorrow not only in terms of profits, you can also:

  • Increase new patients
  • Increase profits
  • Increase appointment rates
  • Increase caller conversion

Are you able to communicate with your patients effectively? Well, intuitive software can make all the difference in how efficiently a dental practice is able to operate each day. Finding a perfect custom software will free you to do what you do best: deal with patients.

Wrapping up:

Without perfect dental software, it would be chaotic and stressful to manage your practice. In fact, custom dental software allows dentists to organize, automate, and track certain tasks. Choosing the right dental software can be the best-ever decision you make for your practice. With the right custom dental software in your practice, you can streamline workloads, improve business productivity, reduce costs, and solve numerous business challenges.

We at BPK Technologies excel in delivering custom software which helps you improve the productivity, and efficiency of your dental practice. If you want to know more about our custom software solutions, please feel free to reach us at bettersystem@bpktech.com or you can visit our website: https://www.bpktech.com/dso/

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