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A dashboard helps you grow your practice’s ROI, and give you more time to concentrate on business growth. Choosing a dashboard that is right for your dental practice really comes down to your management style. With a plethora of dashboards available in the market, how do you decide the right dashboard for your practice?

First and foremost, business analytics is complex and difficult to interpret. Hence, the need for a dental dashboard is to visualize your data and make it easier to understand. When your data is being presented in a clear, uncluttered, and relevant way, it’s easy to assess where you need to act in order to improve the profitability and efficiency of your dental practice.

So, always look for a dental dashboard with strong visual representation that allows you to assess the various goals that matter to your dental practice’s business as a whole. At the end of the day, being able to make informed business decisions greatly depends on your dashboard’s visual representation. If you can’t understand the information being presented, you can’t put it to use.

Moreover, the dental dashboard, which you choose must be able to pull the data from your patient management system (PMS) and it should be specific to your needs, which is exactly what you want. As well as, you should have the ability to create custom metrics to fit the specific needs of your practice. So, before choosing a dental dashboard, make sure to consider:

Do you need a business dashboard?

To answer the question, you need a dashboard if you are planning to expand your team, and especially if you are planning to expand your practice in more than one location. If you’re using spreadsheets to manage all of your practice’s data, then it’s the perfect time to make a transition to an automated dashboard. This will save you and your team time and money. Additionally, since most dashboards are cloud-based, just the ability to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection makes it invaluable.

Do you need a generic dashboard or industry-specific?

There are tons and tons of dashboard options available in the market to choose from. As you research a dental dashboard for your dental business, you’ll quickly find that some are much pricier than others, but moreover, you’ll find that some are built for general business with data sources available to sales, marketing, and financial, while others are built specifically for a particular industry. The problem with the generic dashboards is that in a dental practice most of the data you want to see is housed in your patient management system (PMS).

Sure, your PMS can pull reports like a dashboard, but what if PMS reports are outdated and it isn’t designed to present and analyze data like the dashboards on the market today. So, it brings us back to the question, generic dashboard, or industry-specific?

An industry-specific (Dental) dashboard that’s specifically built for your PMS, means that you have access to the data you need to monitor, and since industry-specific dashboards typically have pre-built metrics, you’ll be able to identify what data should be important to you if you’re unclear what is important for your practice to track.

Will a dashboard really improve your practice’s business performance?

It has been said that ” “If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it,” and, “What gets measured gets managed.” It’s 100 percent right. Measuring practice’s performance can dramatically improve business. When you’re choosing for the right dental dashboard for your dental practice, try to seek out custom dashboards with the ability to set goals and production ranges, as well as trend lines and trend notifications.


If you can find a dashboard that meets or exceeds these requirements, your practice may just have a breakout year. So, always choose a dashboard that suits your practice’s requirement and you should have an ability to change the metrics as well.

It is vital to track metrics of your practice to plan ahead and keep focused on your practice’s growth. If you are looking for the custom dental dashboard, BPK Tech provides intuitive and seamless dashboard to track the key metrics with the help of analytic reports. We always want to help your practice succeed.

Try setting new goals for your practice and be proactive about your dental practice’s growth. Happy tracking!

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