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This is scary – isn’t it? There is no known migration to InfoPath to PowerApps. Actually, I am glad there is none. Because PowerApps is just awesome. Here are my reasons:

  • The new model of PowerApps is very flexible and open architecture using Connectors + Gateways and Common Data Model. Can you believe, Microsoft now lets you connect to Salesforce! What, the sky is going to fall next or what? Did I mentioned Amazon Redshift too?
  • If you are a business user aka non-developer but kind of BA with tech skills – You are going to love PowerBI and Microsoft Flow (It is like IFTTT or Zapier – but easier for Microsoft related integration).
  • There is ton of value add developers can do through Azure functions and other Azure APIs.

So are you planning to find a replacement of InfoPath – there is PowerApps – a much better, tightly integrated Office 365 and Dynamics 365 solution that sits on SharePoint and works so well with Planner and Teams. Worth a try. Or, if you need help, tell us.

Have you used it lately? What do you think? Share your opinion at bettersystem@bpktech.com

PowerApps Information Architecture

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