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Just an idea about changing your dental practice management software system can make any dentist a little nervous. We can feel you, dear dentist! 😊

And we agree, it’s difficult for you to change software systems of your dental practice. In fact, it’s a big task! 

But it doesn’t need to be a big deal as you might think it is. Yes! If you take the proper and required steps, changing software platforms that too as per your custom requirements can be a relatively easy process. 

Before digging deep into how you can make switching the software system process easily, it is better to understand why dentists (Like you) want to change their software systems. Read on!

Scenario A

Newly-built dental practice owners change their software because they may crave for different features and believe that the custom features (As per their dental practice’s requirement) may benefit their practice and patients. 

Scenario B

Other dentists may change their software because they want to better protect their practice & patient data. 

Scenario C

Other providers may want more efficiency and accessibility. In some cases, dentists may also want to shift to cloud-based software.

Now, we hope the above three scenarios helped you better understand the challenges faced by the other dentists and why they’re making these changes. Right?

The main concern for many dentists? Data conversion and migration. 

Some dental practices have been using the same software for more than 10 years. With the evolving technology, it’s become a tough job for them to protect their practice & patient data. So, they are constantly concerned with how this data migration will work and how they can protect confidential data of their patients. 

Although the new custom software could result in more efficiency and better patient care, the dentists may still feel its painful job for them to switch from their existing software to the new software system. 

What should dentists do now?

Firstly, do your due diligence. Make plenty of your time to explore all your software options

Ask for demos and hard questions? Also, ask a question of how your data will look in the new software system? What type of data will be converted and what won’t? 

By selecting an experienced software provider, there will be fewer chances for surprises when you start your implementation.

Secondly, make sure you clear your doubts about integrations. Most dental practices already use a fairly long list of technology. The big question now is how your new custom software will help you communicate with these tools and technologies. What other integrations does the software provide? Does the software work well with third-party vendors? 

Clear all those questions about the new software system before you sign on the dotted-lines. 

Well, being dental industry experts, we at BPK Tech, always help to mitigate the dentists and make the software systems a bit easier with our technical guidance. We’ve been a part of hundreds of software changes (Providing technical guidance) for our customers over the years. 

A little brief about BPK Tech’s custom software solutions:

 We at BPK Tech take pride in offering comprehensive custom dental software solutionsexclusively to dental practices for over 13+ years. We at BPK Tech have successfully developed custom software solutions for 140+ clients by assembling a clear roadmap.

 At BPK Tech, we have a large team of software developers, who perfectly understand Open Dental, Dentrix, and Eaglesoft architectures and data. Through time, we’ve also witnessed the evolution of dentistry technology and have first-hand experience helping dental practice professionals like you stay up-to-date with evolving custom software solutions.

Struggling with finding your just right option? Contact us, today!

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