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Waconia Dental is a successful dental practice by all measurements.

Dr. Jasmine Sethi became proactive when she and her team took a very new and innovative approach to a few things, and now she wants to share how she achieved success with her peers. Read on! 😊

“Dentistry has been my passion, and I can proudly say that I love my profession to the core. I am very glad to share that my dental practice has been growing since I took the reins in 2007. We’re constantly pushing our boundaries to the next level to improve our dental practice.

My dental practice is performing very well by all the normal standards of success. But even though my practice is performing well in terms of new patients every month, I strongly believe in pursuing never-ending improvement and growth.

By mid-2013, we had hit a 30% increase in ‘Active Patients’ Count volume, which was great, but we unfortunately also saw a slight decrease in gross revenue. So, I decided to take a deep dive into our practice management system to find a perfect solution.

After a lot of research, I found that one of the main issues was we’re not able to track relevant KPIs from our practice management software, which was just designed to account for patients, but it’s not intended to provide dentists with a snapshot of how their practice is performing.

So, I decided to hire a custom software company with the rich expertise to build a custom dashboard for our dental practice so we could find the source of our problem. This changed when I was introduced to a dental metrics & dental dashboard called BPK Tech.

What BPK Tech’s dashboard did for us at Waconia Dental that was so significant was I was able to bring all those key metrics – the actionable data that mattered-into an intuitive, custom dashboard that allowed me to know exactly we needed to move, and in what order.

As we reviewed the eight KPIs such as – New Patient KPI, Collection KPI, Total Visitors KPI, Recall KPI, Production KPI, A/R KPI, End of the day KPI, and Insurance KPI, we’ve determined that one area was impacting our practice’s performance – i.e. same-day treatment acceptance. So, we took a deep dive into this particular area and focused on not only presenting treatment but also on related acceptance statistics.

It successfully worked out and then something happened incredibly. Our case acceptance increased by 25%, leading to an all-time high month for the practice.

BPK Tech’s custom dashboard & KPI metrics allowed me to take the pulse of my practice anytime and anywhere, which empowers me to focus on the areas where we want to improve and grow and to make strategic adjustments accordingly.”

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