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Accelerate your affiliated DSOs patient retention, productivity, and profitability

Our intuitive and seamless custom-based software takes your affiliated practices to a whole new level!

Helping growing DSOs achieve new heights in the dental industry

Our custom-based software solution provides a simplifying & streamlining method that improve your affiliated practices bottom-line

Custom Reporting

Revenue Cycle Management

Affiliate Integration



Six steps process to transition your practice

We deliver your custom projects quickly and with ease, so you can see an exceptional ROI and build a better practice. Our process has been used time and time again with several DSO’s to deliver quality software.

Want to stay a step ahead with up-to-date technology ?

Whether you are looking to update the existing software that you already have or wish to expand your IT expertise, BPK Tech has you covered.
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More ways we can help DSOs

Business Intelligence

You can access various reports, view, and drill-down through visualizations and charts. You can even export raw data from your affiliated DSOs for additional analysis. Our BI module receives frequent updates to help you manage and plan your business’ future. Reports can also be easily fed into spreadsheets or other applications for financial analysis.

PE Firms

We identify and build custom-based software solutions for PE firms across all stages of development. We work with management teams to accelerate growth, access new dental markets, and transform businesses. We embrace complex situations and provide highly flexible capital to meet the needs of all dental practices.

Retained Guidance

We will help your affiliated practices with retained guidance i.e. overall technology strategy to help improve your affiliated practices operations and reduce technology costs by choosing the appropriate technology. We continue guidance throughout the entire technology selection from an implementation and architecture perspective.

Technical Guidance

After our engineers’ plan and design the software for your affiliated practices, our expert team then gives you technical guidance about the technology and architecture of our custom-made software. We are committed to offering unsurpassed guidance during this most complex technical challenge so that you can receive the best outcome possible.

Custom Projects

With our proprietary custom-based software, custom projects are delivered with an integrated approach to help manage your affiliated dental practices as a business. We help to build your custom projects that drive great ROI. We don’t just make clients feel better; we make their businesses better. We have proved it again and again.

More Growth and Collaboration

With our custom-based software, you can easily increase productivity, patient retention, efficiency, and patient flow of your affiliated practices.  We’ll work closely to identify your growing DSOs unique needs to accelerate more and more growth. Our unique network will offer you collaboration from peers and help to enhance your business’s connections.


A proven track record for solo practices and DSOs

Our custom-based software solutions help your affiliated practices improve patient flow, increase revenue, takes away the stress of compliance, and give you line-of-sight with analytics.

Dental IT Services

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Our case studies cover everything from software solutions to KPIs. Each is meant to take your affiliated practices to the next level - and the best part is, you can download our case studies for free! So, get ready for the most informative content!

BPK Tech started working with Dental Support Organizations (DSO) in 2010 when the DSO market was catching up. Over the years, BPK Tech has helped several DSOs on various projects.

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