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During our childhood, we’ve always looked forward to getting academic progress reports, (assessment performance scores) which helped us to be promoted from one year to the next. In the same way, we believe that every practice should check out their own report card (dashboard) at the end of every month to see their practice’s performance and make decisions based on actual data & metrics.  And always remember, a successful dashboard looks at more than just money.

The more you learn how to run the reports in your dental practice management software, the easier it is to set up a system that is seamless, comprehensive, and easy to track. We at BPK Tech help you build the dashboard that best fits your practice.

With BPK Tech’s dashboard, you can simply run the reports in your dental software that reflect the parts of your practice you want to monitor. Isn’t it sound good? Yes, of course! With our dashboard, you can track your production and collections, how many new patients visited your practice. What’s more, you can also measure the due amount from the patient’s billing and insurance claims within the time period.

For example, if you are targeting new patients’ details in all your practice locations and you want to keep an eye on how many new patients visited in a month, this is a report you can create and save easily. Then, with BPK Tech’s KPI dashboard, you can just track the results in your dashboard to monitor your performance against the goal. This is just one example of how you can customize a dashboard to your style of practice.

Always Know Your Practice’s Real Numbers!

If you are not tracking accurate information, it won’t matter how beautiful your dashboard is. One area, we highly recommend is to evaluate your metrics. Please read why metrics matter and how you can make them correct in your practice.

If your practice has multiple practices, then if you simply count the total number of new patients into each practice and then add up the total, you may be double counting. You need to run detailed reports to make sure that these patients are not coming from one practice to another! If your practice has 30 new patients each month in one location, which looked pretty solid until a more detailed report revealed that 15 of these patients were coming from another location of your practice! Think of the difference in management decisions if you measured 30 new patients or only 15 new patients.


You definitely need a dental dashboard. No doubt. Using a dashboard is just one way to run a successful dental practice.

Our dashboard helps you to enhance patient engagement and easily generates all the metrics that really count – revenue, new patients, total visitors, daily collections, and many more insightful reports. BPK Tech integrates with your practice management system to pull your metrics into one easy-to-view dashboard. Our seamless KPI dashboard shows you metrics in real-time, so you don’t have to wait for updates. Additionally, you can view your patients’ scheduled appointments. As a result, your practice’s ROI, efficiency, and patient retention will be increased. 

Summing up, although a dental practice may seem to be running smoothly, one way to know its true health is to track KPI metrics. Our dashboard helps you to do so!  Happy tracking! 😊

We want to help your dental practice succeed with our dashboard.  Schedule a free demo and learn how BPK Tech’s dashboard is the perfect choice for your practice management. Or you can download our case study and master KPI metrics to measure your practice growth.

Want to reach your goals? Then you have to start tracking your dental practice metrics right away.

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