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Do you know how your dental practice is performing?

Do you know how to turn numbers into actionable insights?

Then, the perfect solution is to try our Custom Dental Dashboard.

Our BPK Tech’s custom dashboard not only provides a snapshot of how your practice is performing in different areas at a specific moment, but also let you know how those performances are changing over time.

Our dashboard provides your patients’ information quickly by syncing patient data from your PMS, displays that data. Also, our dashboard integrates flawlessly with all software along with your existing PMS, moreover, data from your PMS syncs in real-time, providing you with a seamless experience.

It is also very important to track the dental practice’s key performance indicators (KPIs), which helps to plan ahead and keep focused on the growth. If you need help with these dental metrics, BPK Tech provides an out-of-box and seamless dental dashboard to track the key metrics of dental practice.

Now, let us have an overview of BPK Tech’s Custom Dental Dashboard.

An Overview of BPK Tech’s Custom Dental Dashboard:

With our BPK Tech’s custom dashboard, you can simply adjust the way you want the data to be presented.  You can add or re-position a column, add or remove filters – and the displayed report will be updated in real-time.

Get a bird’s eye view of your dental practice:

Stop searching and clicking through your charts. Our seamless custom dental dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your dental practice. You have everything you need to know about your patients, all in one place. This real-time information enables your team to optimize patient flow, minimize delays, reduce patients’ wait times and handle the unexpected.

Here are the benefits of BPK Tech Dental Dashboard Software:

  • Seamlessly efficient
  • Accelerates performance
  • Boosts bottom-line
  • Improves efficiency and profitability
  • Delivers detailed reports with actionable insights
  • Saves time

Now, you might be having the following questions in your mind.

  • Can I understand the data being presented on the custom dental dashboard?
  • Is this dashboard design user-friendly, easy to implement?
  • Will it engage with my team?
  • Does it automatically pull data into your PMS?
  • Can I get accurate, real-time data?
  • Is this dashboard based on cloud technology?
  • Is it possible to check each department’s data?
  • Can I be able to view all my important metrics on one screen?
  • Does it help to drag-and-drop metrics to arrange them in any particular order?
  • Are there any accessibility limitations?
  • Can I provide access to whomever I would like to share data with?

Get your questions answered by scheduling a free demo. Or you can contact us through mobile (612) 293 – 7585 US (or) email:  bettersystem@bpktech.com.

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