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With dental practices in emergency-only mode across the world during COVID-19, teledentistry is gaining attention quickly as a workaround to allow patients to get diagnoses and prescriptions from their dentists remotely.

But, the big question for many dental practice owners – will teledentistry disappear along with COVID-19?

The answer is: No, not at all. And it doesn’t have to. There are several reasons to consider keeping it as part of your dental practice long after the pandemic has passed. Believe us, it will be an integral part of your dental practice in the future.

Wondering how? Well, read on our blog to know why teledentistry will turn out as an arm of your practice even after pandemic life.

Teledentistry can be a supportive solution in the future; and patients will certainly demand virtual consultations long after the health crisis has passed. Because, Teledentistry empowers dentists to provide consultation, triage, advice, and next-step actions. With teledentistry, your dental business doesn’t have to stop when the practice doors close.

What is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry is a technical way of delivering dental care to patients.

We are aware of the fact that restaurants have both dine-in and take-away options. Right? In the same way, you can deliver in-office dental care or remote dental care to your patients. That’s teledentistry.

Stay Connected & Stay Safe with Teledentistry

Teledentistry delivers a reliable, safe, and secure connection to your patients. And teledentistry software seamlessly integrates into your practice workflow and enables you to do a quick follow-up consultation that may require immediate care for a safer, more productive visit for doctor, staff, and patients.

The benefits of teledentistry: Increasing revenue and decreasing overhead costs

Aside from its obvious usefulness during self-isolation, social distancing, and quarantine, teledentistry offers several advantages for both dentists and patients.

Dentists can:

  • Access to patients anytime from anywhere
  • Reduce chair times
  • Save a lot of time

Is your dental practice considering teledentistry?

Then there’s no better time than the present pandemic to add teledentistry to your dental practice’s technical toolkit.

Need custom requirements for teledentistry software?

We’re here to help you. We can build custom teledentistry software as per your practice requirements. If you can explain your custom needs to us, we can surely keep them in place. If there’s any kind of other logic, we bet we can handle it for sure.

Start using teledentistry now!

Just schedule a demo and we’ll walk you through it! Meanwhile, for more details, visit our website.

Good luck and take good care of yourself and your patients! 😊

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