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State of PMS system is quickly changing with consolidation in group dentistry space aka DSOs. DSOs want to automate manual tasks and one of the core areas of focus for them is getting to their patient data. 

We all know, data does not lie but what if you cannot easily see this data. Then, data won’t tell you anything because data is not talking to you. You can actually get to it if you place nice. Most PMS systems were built in the 90s and the storage of data was built in the 90s. Technology has changed since but now we have this legacy storage that is not changed. 

So, the PMS system companies have built ways to get you that data. There are two types of data extractions: 
Legal Ways – That is, the companies that own the product have published access-rights that they have given to the software development community. These access-rights are called APIs. If you want to extract data, use this method – this is the only legal option.

Not Legal Ways – Before the advent of APIs, various vendors figured out ways to directly access data without authorization from PMS companies. These still exist and you should stay away from them. 

Are you looking for guidance in this area? If so, contact us and we will help you get to data the legal ways. Contact our sales team at bettersystem@bpktech.com.

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