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Technology is evolving with each passing day in order to make our lives easy and it’s no exception when it comes to chatbots.  

AI is already changing the patient experience. With the advent of technology, patients not only need a self-service option, they also want their interactions to be engaging and personal. And patients always want fast, easy access to information related to their appointments, reports, and billing. So, it’s always better to use the chatbot conversations to see and learn what the patients need and how to convert the conversation into an appointment.

Chatbots, however, are always on the clock and ready to answer patient’s questions and help dentists to boost their practice’s bottom-line. As a result, dentists are drawn to pick up the chatbot approach in order to deepen their dentist-patient relationship. Dentists can also measure and track the performance, satisfaction, and effectiveness with just a click of a button.

Dental chatbots ensure that you don’t lose patients!

Here are five reasons why dentists must use dental chatbots in their practices:

1. Automation

Chatbots are the epitome of dental automation and they make it easier for dentists to keep track of their scheduled appointments in their practice. Using chatbots, dentists can also send surveys to patients, immediately after treatment, so that they can see what works and what doesn’t about their treatment.

2. Efficient

With thousands of patients, it can be difficult for dentists to keep track of all the changing patient records. So, dental chatbots can help dentists to pick out the right report from your PMS instantaneously.

3. Convenience

Dental chatbots are the virtual interface between dentists & patients. This improves the patient-provider relationship and help dentists keep track of their patients’ insurance and billing claims. No more scrambling through files because reports can be available at the tap of a button.

An effective dental chatbot can lead to an efficient front desk, which will culminate in great patient experience. As a result, patients can be happy to schedule appointments through a chatbot rather than calling the practice and being put on hold.

 4. Customer Engagement – Call On hold’ is history

Have you ever been on a phone call and experienced as below?

  • Press 1 to schedule an appointment
  • Press 2 to connect to your provider
  • Press 3 to connect to the front desk

This is a sure-fire way to reduce customer engagement and remember this process creates a lack of care or appreciation to your patients.

Chatbots can help you overcome poor patient engagement. For instance, it can help patients with their queries like how to book an appointment quickly to meet their scheduling needs and how to know their claim eligibility?

Dental chatbots maximize productivity & profitability!

Wrapping up:

Ready to get started with chatbots? Take advantage of being ahead of the curve with our BPK Tech’s dental chatbots and accelerate your practice’s brand reputation.

What’s more! Ready to scale up your dental practice? Schedule a demo with us to know more about our custom dental chatbots!

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