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How dental bots can scale up your practice’s growth by 5-10x?

by | October 16, 2020

There’s no doubt that the novel coronavirus outbreak has reshaped the way dentists connect with their patients daily. Stay-at-home (remote work) mandates have forced dental practice owners to rely on technologies like chatbots to manage much of the workload required for servicing their patients’ requirements.

Technology has played an increasingly important role during COVID-19, much of which will continue post-pandemic. Dental Bot Automation gained a lot of popularity during COVID-19 as it helps to manage billing, payments, claims, and appointments, and chatbots can help dental practice owners to give patients the quick and reliable answers they need, with ease.

 During the COVID-19 situation, patients have expected that dental practices will go above and beyond to meet their needs and provide them with excellent patient care. When a question needs to be answered, patients used to call front office team members to inquire about their bills, claim eligibility, insurance needs, or to schedule virtual appointments. However, in the wake of COVID-19, dental practice’s staff are limited, creating longer than usual wait times. Further, patients still expect the same level of seamless service, creating overload and backlog of calls and inquiries with fewer representatives available.

It’s been difficult for dental practice owners to handle all these calls, with thousands of patients on hold at any given time looking for billing or booking appointments.  So, during this time, Dental AI, in the form of chatbots, is helping to bridge the gap between patients and practices.

In fact, to tackle all these challenges, we’ve built Dental Automation software’s that review appointments details for patients, insurance information, alerts the front-desk/call center and enters data into PMS automatically. This allows patients to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently, without waiting on hold for lengthy periods of time.

Keep your chairs filled and cut your no-show rates with our Dental Chatbots!


Well, in a time where temporary remote work has not allowed for many customer servicing centers to be fully operational, AI-driven technology – chatbots can fill in the gaps and cut-off the no-shows of your dental practice.

Our BPK Tech’s dental chatbots are fully automated, which helps dentists to transform their patient journey and maximize convenience, compliance, control, and communication, every step of the way.

Our automated chatbots can be helpful to:

  • Check billing information
  • Check eligibility claim information
  • Check availability of doctors
  • Schedule appointments
  • Check insurance-related information and claim status
  • Raise requests for bills
  • Submit feedback

What’s more! Several other additional services can also be added based on our customer’s custom requirements.

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