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Innovation is a significant part of all BPK Techies’ journey!

by | October 12, 2020

2020 might not be an amazing year for the world due to the unexpected novel coronavirus. However, we at BPK Tech found a good reason to celebrate our success by keeping aside all the negativity around us.

That is by accelerating our customer retention growth in custom software development. We achieved this big milestone through our teamwork, hard work, the dedication of our talented team, and our culture of expertise, integrity, enthusiasm, and commitment to deliver custom software services.

Employees in any organization must feel comfortable & confident with the work environment to achieve great things. This is why we foster a versatile, transparent, and multifaceted organizational culture at our BPK Tech. One of the main pillars of BPK Tech’s culture is our strong team spirit. At the same time, we give immense freedom for individual growth and in the advancement of their personal and professional career.

Of course, we put great emphasis on a perfect work-life balance that allows individuals to reconcile their personal and professional interests. Because only then can one achieve their full potential with us.

Innovation is a significant part of our journey here.

Our team has worked tirelessly all this time to achieve our common goal – setting the customer’s expectations a notch higher.

Based on the experience we have gained very good customer retention of almost 90% no matter what happened across the world. With the promise that ‘no stone was left unturned’, we are focused on delivering the best custom software solutions.

Our triumph depends on the success of our customers. We add value to our BPK Techies rather than merely extracting it from them; our organization stands for something meaningful – the work itself is morally satisfying, and there are no imprecise laws.

Today’s technology-focused workforce has several motives, ambitions, and even lifestyles that are widely contrasting. So, at BPK Tech, we understand that, and we keep it as flexible as we can for our workforce without ever stinting on our custom software services. It is not an easy task to align goals in and out of work, which is why we at BPK Technologies always encourage versatility in all its forms.

Joining a fast-paced and employee-based company, BPK Tech means inspiration, mentorship, flexibility, and endless chances to grow and learn. We invite you to be a part of this enriching and nurturing experience. Check out our current openings and apply where you fit in.

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