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by | November 12, 2019

Achieve Balanced Financial Growth & Enhance Sales without Reducing Profits

In this age of digital revolution and ever greater mobile access, the acceptance of online payments is one of the biggest game-changers for the e-commerce sector. Over the next decade, we are going to witness numerous changes in the way people prefer to do business. Without a doubt the core foundation moving forward will be an e-commerce technology platform. 

If you are planning to evolve and improve your e-commerce business, we can help you to have a e-commerce technology platform in place. Preparing for the future of your business is much easier if you can reduce hurdles and gaps in your digital operations. Even big companies face the problem of choosing an e-commerce technology platform to evaluate their business flow and take stock of what’s working well and what needs to improve to advance long-term growth. 

So how can you find the right e-commerce platform for the future of your business? 

Let us at BPK Tech help you find the right solution and walk you through it every step of the way.

Managing Returns:
Returns are inevitable in eCommerce. Incorrectly tracking them can significantly offset the actual number of paid orders, causing issues in many other aspects of the business. Being KIBO API experts, we can help you see first-hand the processing of returns and handling of refunds. With our high-performance KIBO API you can increase your business’s efficiency.

Run Your Business the Way You Need It!
Our highly extensive and flexible KIBO API will support your business today and far into the future. Grow your business and pinpoint new opportunities with our KIBO e-commerce solution, which delivers everything you need in one place.

Many clients we work with are satisfied with our scalable e-commerce business solutions as we always strive to improve sales and financial transactions quickly and securely. With our in-depth experience, we’ll make your e-commerce business flow hassle-free as we develop a robust application for your entire e-commerce business process.

The Smooth Flow of Our Kibo Execution Process:

  • We request API through parameters, and we get the response as Object (JSON).
  • Based on the response object, we create a relational database in Azure.
  • Post relational database creation in Azure, we load the data from the KIBO API and store it in Azure. 
  • Based on the business logic and client requirements, we generate reports in UI.

Final Thoughts:

“Get the Flexibility You Need to Increase Your Business and Deliver Outstanding Results.”

Choosing the right e-commerce platform and right partner will help you drive growth through the opportunity to sell new products, services, supplies, and add new value to your clients.  The streamlined e-commerce operations and enriched data are an essential component to meeting the customer first expectations. By reassuring customers of your unwavering commitment to quality, service and now, convenience you can meet that expectation! Being Kibo API experts, we reduce financial complexities with more out-of-the-box functionality and features.

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