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Our Dashboard Starter pack will get your team started in no time to get you a custom dashboard at minimal cost. Our dashboard consists of onsite software agent, cloud or local browser setup, responsive design and custom queries to turn your data into useful information that you can deploy to make better decisions.

Dashboards are built using our 1-2-3 method:

1 - Define the need

2 - Install the software

3 - Deploy the custom solution

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Dental Dashboards

We have built several dashboards for dental industry, especially DSOs (Dental Support Organizations). If you are a small dental practice, we can work with you to customize a dashboard for your PMS system that will include basic KPIs like Production, Collection, New Patients, Total Patient and other KPIs.

Large Hospitals

If you are looking to get a pulse of your business – let us help you with this simple – plug-n-play dashboard that will integrate with your EMR. We support most EMR/EHR systems like Epic and others. You can provide layered access to your team members so only specific roles can see specific data.

Construction Companies

Want to know what is happening in every stage of the construction? Our dashboards driven from your workflow will pick up data from various data sources to inform you of the entire project progress. We work with several construction softwares.

Other Businesses

Our dashboard software is easy to integrate with your business software or business data. We will customize it if it does not integrate. Contact us to help you.