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Agile Assessments

As a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that your team is performing well. To do so, you adopt various tactics, work on your weaker areas, and sharpen your skills. However, how would you know if your practices are helping your business to flourish? This is where agile assessments come into play. Agile assessments allow you to evaluate your team’s progress in the best way possible. The agile approach eventually discloses whether your strategy is working effectively or not. Various companies offer agile assessments; however, not every company has an agile scrum master to nail the process. This is why, we, the team at BPK Tech, are the perfect help for all your agile maturity assessment requirements.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Since 2006, BPK Tech has been offering and specializing in agile assessment services. We have been catering to our clients internationally and know how to make ends tight.

Our agile scrum master, Rajeev Bhatia, has been training companies for many years to develop software and handle projects in an effective manner. Under his training and guidance, our professional employees have aced our client projects within two weeks.
Considering the deadline-oriented market at present, this is an dvantageous way of enhancing your business strategy and understanding the capability of your team at work. You should hire us for your agile assessment requirements because of the following:

  • Know Your Baseline Abilities: Before taking on a project or any work, you need to know how capable your team is. That is to say, you need to analyze their baseline abilities at the very beginning and you will receive this help by availing
    our services.
  • Tracking Your Progress: When you start working on a project, you need to set multiple milestones. This helps in understanding whether your team is being able to cope up with the pressure. If you find this to be a gruesome task, our agile tools will do the work for you.
  • Getting Ready for the Change: Change is the most recurring aspect of a business. We will help you to note down the skills that you have already mastered and are good at. We will also help you to escalate the transition and adopt new skills, one that will help in the development of your business.
  • Fixing Goals in a Project: You cannot make all your team members work on the same part of the project. With the help of our agile maturity assessment, you will be able to assign parts of the project to that team member who can handle that in the best manner possible. This helps in attaining perfection within the constricted timeframe allotted by your clients and customers.
  • Understanding When to take External Help: At times, you will face problems completing the project on time because it may so happen that your team members are not being able to cope up with the pressure or are lacking the expertise that is needed. This is where our agile scrum master can help you to take the right decisions.

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Wondering about Our Working Process? This is How We Do It!

  • Start: The initiation of the agile assessment process is started by interacting with you and understanding your business requirements.
  • Gather: We gather the necessary information related to the project that you have in mind, like the software that you would like to use, the output that you would like to generate, the time-frame on your mind, and other information.
  • Document: After extracting the information mentioned above, we formally jot that down. The process of documentation helps us to remember what has to be done
    from our end.
  • Compare: After we have documented the information, we find out how your competitors are performing. We compare your process with theirs to evaluate the market requirements.
  • Analyze: After having an understanding of the market, we analyze how you can develop as a business. We make a list of all your strengths and weaknesses and come up with solutions using which your business can be given a boost keeping
    in mind that your team members are able to adjust to the changes adopted.
  • Recommend: Once we have performed the analysis, we will recommend certain solutions. These solutions will be framed keeping in mind the customizations that your business require.
  • Review: We will frame the solutions and ask you to review the same. We will listen to your inputs and modify the tools, software, and others to suit your business in the best possible way.
  • Implement: After the final review, the agile tools will be implemented and monitored by our expert executives either onsite or offsite to ensure that your business gets a boost.

What Would You Gain Out of Our Agile Assessment Services?

BPK Tech has been catering to clients internationally who have benefitted from its
agile maturity assessments in the following number of ways.

  • You get to analyze whether the software that you are planning to use will be needed by your team in the coming future.
  • You get to understand the key strengths and weaknesses of your team and work on the skills accordingly.
  • Your team gets smoothly guided and supported through the transition phase because of the on-site and off-site training.
  • You get to understand the risks involved and work on your plan accordingly.
  • After an agile assessment, you get to evaluate the progress and check the quality of the products or services that you are offering your customers and clients.

In short, our agile assessment services enable you to take your business to the next level of profitability without compromising on time management, quality of products, and other vital prospects.