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Cloud & IoT

Internet of Things or IoT is a combination of several “things” while keeping the internet as a backbone to establish an interaction between the people and their surrounding objects. Cloud is one of the crucial components that support a number of applications. IoT cloud platforms are platforms that are designed to store and process data of the Internet of Things.

Our company, BPK Tech, provides suitable and specific IoT services. Our IoT cloud services help in various application development, device management, deployment, visualization, and research. IoT can help business users as it manages a number of events in an integrated and comprehensive form to deal with customers.

Why Should You Hire Us?

IoT completes our daily task with a better aspect. IoT platforms consist of everyday objects like physical devices, vehicles, buildings, etc. Cloud computing plays an important role in providing scalability in the delivery of enterprise. It mainly focuses on better storage of data, it provides a greater storage capacity and can be easily accessed. Our company tends to provide a complete service to our customers regarding IoT cloud platforms. We provide electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, allowing them to collect the necessary data. Nowadays, many companies are seen migrating from information technology to cloud for better storage and access of data. We come under the top list of software developers and tend to manage the same position; hence, we try to be the best in terms of quality. We work with the following principles:

  • Working on Priorities of the Project: It’s necessary to be well-versed with the course outcomes and work accordingly. A perfect analysis of the project is required to have a structural formation. This helps us to work accordingly and reduce the chances of delay.
  • Project Vision: A necessary concrete vision is required regarding the product. This helps to complete the project successfully without delay.
  • Amending Mistakes: We try to understand the problems faced and negotiate accordingly. We keep a detailed check to identify the problems at a faster rate and work accordingly to have a productive solution.
  • Customer engagement: We maintain proper interaction with our customers from the very beginning to know more about the requirements. Communication helps in better information as we get a detailed description about the requirements of our customers.
  • Delivery: We deliver the products as soon as possible. We take enough time to check the final outcome of the product and then deliver it. We also make our customers well versed with the product to experience its benefits better.

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How Does an IoT System Work?

  • Sensors/Device: Sensors or devices help in collecting necessary data from the environment. It can be a single sensor or the device can have multiple sensors like the mobile phone has a camera, accelerometer, GPS, etc.
  • Connectivity: The sensors need proper connection through cellular data, satellites, or WiFi. These connections have variations in consumption, range, and bandwidth. It should be checked properly as which one serves the best. The main purpose they serve is to shift the data to the cloud.
  • Data Processing: The data is sent to the cloud, wherein the software does some necessary processing on it.
  • User Interface: The data stored in the cloud is made accessible to the user by sending user alerts through messages or emails. It may also have a user interface for user access. Depending upon the IoT cloud service it might also allow the user to make necessary amendments.

Benefits of an IoT Cloud System

Devices have sensors attached for exchanging data with the help of internet services to communicate and take a decision – this setup is called the Internet of Things. It provides you with a number of benefits in respective fields:

  • Cloud Platform for Device Lifecycle Management: It helps in device registration, onboarding, remote device updates. They give an integrated data view of the infrastructure. It helps in increasing the ease of firmware and software.
  • Application Enablement Cloud Platform: IoT cloud services help in the development of applications with portability and interoperability. It helps people create application and software without thinking about backend processes. Enterprises can shift applications between cloud and fog nodes to monitor and host applications.
  • Digital twins: Digital twins, also known as device shadowing, can be availed by enterprises using IoT cloud services. Backups for running applications and devices can be created easily. Applications and device statistics can be reached even when the system is off. It also helps to set up virtual servers, launch databases, and create applications and software to help in the running of IoT services.

IoT cloud computing has helped organizations and companies in a number of ways over the years. IoT cloud platforms can be classified into three types of cloud computing models for different types of environment.

  • Infrastructure as Service: It initiates virtual servers and storage enabling access to several networking components like computers, data storage network connections, and many more. It also helps in the distribution of critical data for better security aspects.
  • Platform as Service: It helps companies to create their own applications from tools of cloud services. It allows enterprises to focus on the deployment and management of software applications as it removes the need for managing hardware and operating systems. It reduces the pressure of managing operating systems, capacity planning, or other heavy loads required in the running of an application.
  • Software as Service: It is an application or software that is manipulated by cloud services.

IoT and cloud are platforms that help people online with various services and advantages offered. BPK Tech helps you in IoT applications and cloud through its wide-ranging pool of services. Cloud service on IOT platforms make the task easier and gives you a smoother aspect to carry out your work. We tend to serve you in the best possible manner when it comes to software and technologies. We help you in getting the best in the least possible time. For further details, contact us to get a complete knowledge regarding our work and pricing.