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Configuration Management

The term configuration management defines itself as a system engineering process that helps to establish and maintain consistency of a product’s performance, its functional aspects, physical attributes, design, and operational information. It has a major prospect in the field of military engineering like in weapon systems, military vehicles, and information systems. Configuration management database has its origin in the United States Department of defense in the early 1950s as a technical management discipline.

Why Hire BPK for Configuration Management Services?

Software development is not restricted anymore. Businesses in every other sector are on the lookout for software development services, and here at BPK, our team is the best choice when it comes to availing the best software in the shortest span of time. Our team is led by our Agile Coach, Rajeev, an expert in the app development space.

Configuration management has its focus on the functional relationship between systems, subsystems, and parts for a proper control on the system, lack of which can cause failure of equipment or loss of life. As every system requires a system software, we also require necessary configuration management tools. Unlike other companies, we, at BPK Tech, tend to provide a complete service to our customers and not just the software. The growing requirement of better technologies has incurred in a more secure and effective technology. Our complete Configuration Management program helps in storing, tracking, and updating system information.
We stress upon our configuration management database to serve the requirements of our customers in the best way possible. Being one of the leading software companies, we tend to work on the quality of our product for best results.

  • Project Priorities: We try to be well-versed with our desired output in order to work on it. We need to put a detailed check on the subsections of the problem to analyze and structure the sections and work accordingly.
  • Project Vision: We set a concrete vision regarding our products when we start dealing with them. A proper vision helps in completing the task successfully within the allotted time and with best results.
  • Rectifying Mistakes: We keep a thorough check on our production process to search for difficulties faced and a speedy rectification is provided accordingly.
  • Communication with Customers: We try to maintain a healthy customer engagement in order to know his or her requirements and expectations regarding the product and work accordingly.
  • Delivery Management: We make our deliveries as soon as we finish up with the necessary procedure gets over. We make a detailed checking on the quality and the working if the product before handing it to the customer.

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Benefits of Configuration Management:

Configuration management benefits the customer in a number of ways; amongst them, organization, reliability, risks, reduction of cost and spending are some of the most prominent ones in the business.

  • Organization: Configuration management database serves as the framework for greater information management programs. A well-ordered system helps an IT worker to access past system implementations of the business and further helps in addressing future needs and changes to keep the system up-to-date with a smoother performance.
  • Reliability: A company that lacks the organization of the configuration management team faces unreliable systems that hamper the work process. The smooth performance of the system lets every department of the company do their jobs smoothly. It increases the stability and efficiency of the system that benefits every fragment of the company, including public relations, as the ease and speed of solving problems make a positive impact.
  • Cost reduction and risk: A lack of maintenance and attention to details increase risks and costs down the line, as it opposes proactive action before the arousal of the problem. Here, the configuration management tools help in saving money with constant system maintenance, record keeping, and checking balance to prevent mistakes. It saves time and reduces the wastage of money and also helps in lesser expenditure if money on lawsuits breaches security.

CMDB tools help our system to perform better and reduce our chances of loss in every aspect.

Our Methodology:

We follow some necessary steps to implement a configuration management database to add value and enhance the management capabilities of the organization.

  • We establish a governance framework and policy.
  • We assign roles and responsibilities to the best member in that field.
  • We determine the primary usage of the database.
  • We determine what types of record it would hold.
  • We determine the existing data storage.
  • We try to understand what cmdb tools are available to support the process.
  • We categorize the configuration item and focus on its scheme in making.
  • Then, our concern turns to the designing of the configuration management system,
  • Lastly, we plan the improvements required and implement the task at hand to complete the project successfully.

The above steps mentioned help us in developing our configuration management system that enhances our work with the best results. It reduces the risk to our system. In many cases, because of the lack of a configuration management system, we find existing documents without proper consistency. The configuration management process improvises an orderly management of system information and also improves its performance. Our company being one of the leading ones in the market, focuses on the quality of the product and expects to serve its customer the best.Well, now when you have a detailed knowledge of our working system and norms, do contact us for the necessary details to take this further. We aspire to serve you the best in terms of quality by developing as per your requirements within 2 weeks.