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Software Development

The internet has spread its wings and the desire to lessen the effort by building engaging applications is the new trend. This is where custom software development plays a key role. As a business or an entity, you would want to give your clients and your customers the best services. And in order to portray your services and make your workflow smooth, you will need customized software specific to your business.
However, in this rapidly moving world, you need to get your software development requirement done by an expert company to steer ahead of your competition and attain efficiency. This is where we, BPK Tech, step into the picture.

Why Should You Hire BPK Tech?

Software development is not restricted anymore. Businesses in every other sector are on the lookout for software development services, and here at BPK, our team is the best choice when it comes to availing the best software in the shortest span of time. Our team is led by our Agile Coach, Rajeev, an expert in the app development space.

Our team is trained enough to work with precision and builds customized software within 2 weeks. Thus, we not only stress upon the quality of work that we deliver but also keep in mind the growing requirements of app development and software development. Moreover, since we have been working in this industry and have been leading amongst many other app development companies, we have rectified our faults and helped our clients learn from some of the most common mistakes:

  • Changing Project Priorities: If you are not well-versed with the output, you may not be able to decide which project has the highest priority. Even when you break a project into sub-sections, you need to analyze how to structure the sections based on priority and work accordingly. If you keep changing your priority, delay occurs automatically.
  • Vision of Project: It is important to have a concrete vision when you start a project at hand, especially when you are dealing with software development. Without proper vision, it is not possible to successfully complete the project and deliver the finest result.
  • Learning from Mistakes: When your team is working on a project, they must try to analyze the difficulty that they are facing. The sooner the problems are identified; the sooner help can be sought for resulting in a productive solution.
  • Customer Engagement: Proper customer engagement should be met from the very beginning. Good communication is required to understand the requirements and work on the project accordingly. Comprehensive documentation should be given priority and not just the working software.
  • Delivery Management: Delivery of the products is often done as soon as the same is completed. At times, in order to deliver the end-results sooner than promised, proper checking or testing is not done. This often leads to discrepancies leading to earning a bad reputation.

Unlike other app development companies, our team helps you to overcome these problems in the following manner:

  • We use the methodology of SoftwareNow. By doing so, we develop software at a much faster rate.
  • We provide hands-on Agile training, both onsite and offsite, to our clients. This continues for 3 to 4 days so that our clients are well-acquainted with the software.
  • We help in the implementation of the process. In that course, we select tools and implement the required customizations to complete the setup successfully.
Our customers love us – we have built dashboards, desktop apps, mobile apps, cloud-apps, data migration from on premise to cloud, configuration management, automation, IoT and ethical hacking. Do you want to hear our story? call us at (612) 293 – 7585 or contact us at

Wondering about Our Working Process? This is How We Do It!

  • Interacting with the Clients to Understand the Requirements: We strike up a conversation with our clients and try to understand what problems they are facing in their work. Keeping that in mind, we plan a project that leads to a proper custom software development.
  • Gathering the Resources: The second step involves the gathering of resources. We gather team members who are exceptionally skilled in their respective domains. These members form a team together and work on the respective parts of the project to deliver best results.
  • Setting Up the Process: The best way to handle a project is to segregate the same into parts, assign the parts to the person who can handle it the best, andassign their respective priorities. This basic setup helps us to narrow down the
    work overflow and gets the ball rolling in place.
  • Executing the Plan: After the plan has been setup, execution the same becomes our primal objective. Our executives work on their respective parts and they are guided by the project team leader. Every day, around 10 minutes of an interactive session is held in which the team discusses the progress of the project and the difficulties, if any, that they are facing. This keeps the project running smoothly and enhances the time required to complete the project.
  • Testing the Project: Once the project is completed, testing comes into play. The app development phase comes to a close after the testing process is done. After handing over the end-product to the client, they are given hands-on training that allows them to use the software resourcefully.

What Would You Gain Out of Our Software Development Services?

Our software development services are extended to physicians, dentists, chiropractors, vision clinics, large DSOs, corporate medical practitioners, and others. We extend our software development services to the cloud, desktops, and mobile phones. We stand out from other app development companies due to the array of benefits we provide:

  • You will be able to retain your work process as the software will be customized as per your requirement.
  • The work will be done at a quicker pace.
  • Your expenses will be curbed down because of our cost-effective model.
  • Your data will be secure and will be accessible anytime from your system.

Now that you have grabbed hold of an idea concerning how we can be of service to you, do contact us for a free consultation. We hope to serve you with our custom software development services by using an agile methodology to help you fulfill all your requirements.