E-com Product Selection and Implementation

BPK’s sole mission is to help our customers choose right e-commerce platform for their commerce channel. With our unique Agile approach we help customers:

  • Identify requirements through user stories, persona development and journey mapping
  • Identify key ERP integration points so adoption of new platform is seamless
  • Help define a content and pricing strategy so your products will be found on top of search engines through our built-in digital marketing strategy
  • Help you design the best user experience so the customers are impressed with feature and functionality of the website
  • Help migrate to new platform
  • Setup reporting and analytics to ensure you can measure ROI

Let us help you through your digital transformation journey through our Agile approach that will take you from planning to selection to implementation to migration to operations. Do you want to hear our story? call us at (612) 293 – 7585 or contact us at

Our team members have ton of experience on:

  • Magento
  • Intershop
  • Hybris
  • Insite
  • Weco
  • Commerce Server
New packages we are learning:

  • Miva
  • Apttus
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Big Commerce
  • ElasticPath
  • Unilog