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E-com Product Selection and Implementation

The world has gradually evolved to be an aggressive place where businesses have to expand continually in order to stay ahead of their competition. The basic needs of every business are simple: greater reach, diversification with time, and staying ahead. In such times, e-Commerce has provided all the advantages of the internet such as building brands quickly and at cheaper costs.

One of the principal missions of BPK Tech is to help our clients in this regard so that they are able to achieve their target without inflicting too much pressure on the employees. Existing business models can adapt to eCommerce platforms too by identifying the necessary ERP integration points. It is a continual process, and BPK Tech strives to act as an expert advisor providing top-class eCommerce solutions to help fulfill your business ambitions.

What are the Technicalities of eCommerce Web Designing?

eCommerce web design is a demanding job that needs careful and experienced supervision to make the most out of it. A well-crafted eCommerce website can create a niche in your area of expertise while a poorly designed one can end up creating security issues like weak card number encryption and so on. Poor user experience, coding issues, and the lack of sound strategies often result in under-potential sales. Here are some of the most significant technical details:

  • Things of Quality: All of the best eCommerce sites have some things in common such as a robust Content Management System (CMS), appropriate pricing strategy, and seamless ERP software integration. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which denotes all the other software and technology-mediated management of core business activities. A robust content management system allows for the in-house manager to change or update contents without hassles.
  • eCommerce Platforms: When one wants to adopt eCommerce solutions into their business, it is but fair to expect everything from the management of stocks to tracking orders in one place. Various platforms, like blueprints, offer that. There are two types of platforms: Hosted and Self-hosted platforms and opting between them is a matter of choice depending upon your need and your computing ability. BPK Tech helps you to find the right platform for your eCommerce channel.
  • Strategies to Top the Market: SEO strategy plays a vital role in your eCommerce website ranking since the top five Google results garner around 60% of the traffic. Hence, it is highly essential to choose appropriate keywords, image headers, and tags. Along with that, spending time on sound content and pricing strategy is worth as well. It is important to note that nearly half of the traffic to eCommerce sites is from smartphones.
  • User Experience: The effectiveness of the design aspects of an eCommerce site, such as navigation tab, sliders, and rich colors should not be underestimated by us at all. Let us see what these design features do to the website:
    • About Us Page: An exceptional “About Us” page along with many testimonials should give a positive impression to your website visitors.
    • Navigation Tab: If the customers get what they want easily on your website, it is most likely that they will want to buy it. Hence, a simple and clear framework is necessary.
    • High-Quality Photos:eCommerce websites should provide rich visuals of their products to convince the visitors of the quality.

Let us help you through your digital transformation journey through our Agile approach that will take you from planning to selection to implementation to migration to operations. Do you want to hear our story? call us at (612) 293 – 7585 or contact us at

What Do We Do to Achieve Superiority?

At BPK Tech, we help our clients to switch or, at least, partially adapt to eCommerce platforms of the right choice for their e-commerce channel. We employ our unique Agile approach to be productive, flexible, collaborative, and adaptive. The method minimizes the time taken for the process by helping teams to collaborate more and exposing their works to each other more frequently.

Particularly, we help our clients with the following:

  1. Identify the exact requirements by listening to user stories, persona development, and by journey mapping.
  2. Formulate sound content, pricing strategy, and SEO strategy so that the product finds a place in the top search results.
  3. Design an eCommerce website that would provide a best-in-class user experience in all aspects.
  4. Migrate to newer eCommerce platform and adapt to that by finding key areas where existing ERP infrastructure should be integrated.
  5. Setting up a reporting and analytics facility so that you will be able to track your region of interest.

In short, we help you through your ‘digital transformation journey’ in planning, selection, implementation, integration, and migration of eCommerce technology.

Where Do We Stand Out?

Right from the start of the operations to the completion of our job, we are unique, friendly, collaborative, and flexible. As many previous clients would testify, we have been a key strategic partner for many companies and one of the leading conductors of the Agile workshop. Here is how else we manage to stand out in the crowd:

Quick and Agile: We use the Agile Methodology to solve complex business problems to deliver quick eCommerce solutions by running a two-week development cycle. It is through this method that we divide ourselves into self-organizing and collaborative teams to get things done in a quick manner.

Trust: Customers get to see updates regularly as we commence the eCommerce web design so that they can give feedback and take part in the overall development process. We do not sign long-term contracts to allow customers to change their mind anytime through the journey.