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Application Assessment

In this present world of digitalization, the internet has been a boon to lessen efforts of people. Management development and app development have become a major progress in technologies. However, you should also keep network security in mind which can be a major threat in the present day and hamper your system. In order to protect your system, you would require proper vulnerability assessment tools. This is where BPK Tech tends to serve your purpose. But before diving into our services, let’s understand tech assessment better.

What is Tech Assessment?

Tech assessment is the study of newly implemented technologies. It assumes a global perspective and tends to solve already existing problems and prevention of potential damage caused by the uncritical application of new technologies. It is a form of cost-benefit analysis. Most technology assessments are not objective or value-neutral exercises but are greatly influenced and biased by stakeholders. Some of the prominent fields of Tech Assess are nuclear technology, information technology, hydrogen technology, gene technology, artificial intelligence, etc. Some of the most practiced concepts of Tech Assess are mentioned below:

  • Parliamentary Tech Assess: Technology assessments that are directly addressed to the parliament. It can be performed directly by members of the parliament or by organizations linked to the parliament.
  • Expert Tech Assess: Also known as classical or traditional tech assess, it is carried out by a team of technology assessment practitioners or technical experts.
  • Participatory Tech Assess: Tech Assess activities that involve various kinds of social actors, civil society organizations, representatives of state systems, but characteristically state holders and technical scientists are Participatory Tech Assesses.
  • Constructive Tech Assess: This was developed in the Netherlands but discussed worldwide to broaden new technological designs through activities of Tech Assess in construction technology. It wants to address social issues around technology than influencing regulatory practices.
  • Discursive or Argumentative Tech Assess: This deepens a debate regarding science, technology, and society. Inspired by ethics, sociology in science, and policy discourse analysis, this mode of Tech Assess focuses on normative assumptions that drive actors who are socially shaping science and technology. It not only addresses the side effects but also puts forth the broader aspects of science and technology.
  • Health Tech Assess: This type of Tech Assess informs policymakers regarding the efficacy, safety, and cost-effectiveness of pharmaceuticals.

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Why Should You Hire Us?

Nowadays, software development and app development are in a rapid state of growth. Whether you need to buy or sell software, manage flaws, or upgrade software, application assessment is a
must. It is a fast check on the security and structural quality of our applications. We have our team headed by our Agile Coach, Rajeev, who is an expert in application development as well as application security. We work with precision and with a speedy progress. We stress on the quality of work. Our company has been leading in security risk assessment, app development, and network security. We tend to keep our efforts to further improvement.

The Vision of Our Project: We have a concrete vision towards our project as we deal with products. A proper vision helps in timely delivery and also produces the finest quality of products.

Communication with Customers: We believe in the aspect that good communication between the company and the customer helps to produce a better quality of products as per the requirements of the customer.

Proper Rectification of Mistakes: We try to analyze our mistakes and identify the actual cause of problems to give a sooner and better result in a productive solution. We try learning from our
mistakes and prevent the same in the future.

Monitor Performance of Application: Our services use application assessment dashboard to keep a check on all business applications. These are basically vulnerability assessment tools to
check the applications and their performance.

Speedy Delivery: We often see companies in the zest of providing a speedy delivery lacking proper introspection of the product which leads in deterioration of product quality. We help to initiate delivery in an appropriate time period along with a detailed checking on the working of the product.

We provide the most desired application security with some of the features mentioned below

  • We reduce risks faced by applications from hackers.
  • We save time that gets wasted in improving flaws generated.
  • We look from the perspective of hackers to take care of the loopholes.
  • We follow the industry perspectives for better results.

Here’s How We Do It:

  • A Thorough Interaction with the Clients: We go through a proper interaction with the clients to know the security-based threats they go through and what their desired requirements are. We plan accordingly as in how it can be solved and what kind of application assessment they require.
  • Gathering Resource: Our second step involves the gathering of resources. We form our team with members who are skilled in the required field. These members work as a team on the project to give the best results as required by the customer.
  • Setting Up of Process: The process is set up in sets of fragments that are assigned to separate members who are trusted to give their best. This set up helps in organized functioning of the work.
  • Execution of the plan: After the plan is set up, we work on its execution. Our executives work under the guidance of a team leader or a supervising head. We initiate a regular discussion on the progress report. This allows us to know if the product under development is as expected along with any kind of difficulty faced by the team members. This enhances the speed of production.
  • Implementation if the project: After finishing the project, we opt for a detailed checking of the product to provide the best. We provide hands-on training on how the vulnerability assessment tool works the best for our customer.

Now that you have a brief knowledge regarding the application and technical assessments, do consult us for security risk assessments. We aspire to serve you in the best way possible by helping you with your application security that would fulfill your requirements and protect your system from threats.