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QA Assessment

In today’s world, software is needed in almost all aspects of our life and boasts a usage for nearly every sort of professionals including those in the healthcare sector like dentists, chiropractors, and physicians. Companies involved in the development of such customized software need to ensure that they handle the technical aspects without any committing errors. Hence, the QA Software Testing section of the developer firm writes several test cases for their software to test its performance at every imaginable scenario.

We, at BPK Tech, are helping companies measure their QA capabilities through which we serve as a Quality Assurance Consultant for our clients. We do this by assessing how well the company has adapted itself to automated software testing and by helping them understand the gaps in their existing process so that they can deliver faster results. We are, thus, ensuring every Quality Assurance Software to work right which, in turn, guarantees every software tested by us to be 100% working in all intended scenarios.

How Exactly Are We Doing This?

An automated software testing methodology needs a large number of pre-written test scenarios to be fed into the testing software and needs to be tested extensively before releasing it into production. The process, being an error-prone one, needs an additional level of assurance to its quality. It is exactly the reason why BPK Tech is here to serve as your very own Quality Assurance consultant. Our own Quality Assurance Assessment Methodology, QAAssess TM , is an 8-step approach towards excellence:

  1. Start: We start our app testing journey with our client by understanding their business requirements and coordinate with development & product management team for clarifications.
  2. Gather & Document: We gather all sorts of information from our client’s existing QA Software Testing process flow regarding automation. We document it for analyzing further.
  3. Compare & Analyze: We then compare the documented process flow with various similar models using our unique rating algorithm. We also check for the model’s adaptability towards automated software testing.
  4. Recommend: Arriving at what is missing or what needs to be altered in the client’s model, we then recommend areas to be improved in particular. We, in this way, help our clients in delivering their jobs in a timely manner.
  5. Review & Implement: The suggested practice is then evaluated for how much it is improving the QA Software Testing process overall, and we make the needed changes in our proposal for final implementation.

With this approach, we assure our clients that their Quality Assurance methodology is being one hundred percent efficient. Basically, our methodology is about carrying out a number of self-assessment tests based on risk and potential customer impact.

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How important is the Quality Assurance Assessment?

ISO 9000 defines quality assurance, in general, as a “part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.” Software bugs, in particular, are very much prone to errors and can cause much loss to property and life for which examples of various magnitude can be cited. The same fact is the reason behind preferring automated testing to human engagement in the field.

Automated Software testing, which is a division in the broad field of App Testing, runs on a variety of scripts and methods like Debugging, Keyword-driven scripts, Data-driven scripts, Scripted Manual tests, and Designed Manual Tests. The process of checking errors in the software itself is an error-prone one, which is why it becomes important to assess the methodology with our trusted 8-step approach QAAssess TM .

At BPK Tech, we have a vast experience in doing Quality Assessment Software Testing and we have done quite a lot of assessment projects in the past, each of which has improved us considerably in one way or the other. Only a company which has learned a lot from mistakes of its previous work can assure the quality at present and declare itself to be a true Quality Assurance consultant.

Why Should We be the Right Choice for You?

As is explained above, this is a demanding job. Here is why you may never find an all-encompassing, trustworthy team like ours:

  • Our Background: We are an IT consulting and application development firm focusing on finding solutions for complex business problems. As our tagline goes, we love technology, and we love solving our clients’ problems through technology. BPK Tech was founded back in 2006 with this single intention in mind. We have a highly talented team specializing in multiple domains. We also develop cloud software for desktops and mobiles and do Data Analytics on-premise and on Azure and AWS.
  • Our Confidence: Our confidence to act as a Quality Assurance consultant stems from the fact that our engineers, having quite a lot of prior experience in application development, are invariably experienced in app testing, too,
    especially in automated testing of software. Being a full-fledged software solution provider, we know the tricks of the trade when it comes to the final part of the application development process–app testing, too.

  • Our Experience: We have an experienced team with most of our engineers having more than ten years of experience in Agile, analytics and in developing apps for the cloud, desktop and mobile. If a company develops top-class software, it also means that it is top-notch in the testing of the software too
    without which supplying error-free software is impossible.

  • Our Morale: We mainly believe in the quality of our work to attract customers and also to retain them. Hence, there is no long-term contract needed such that customers can change their mind anytime over having a partnership with us. Our
    business process goes like this: We run a short-time, 8-step QA software testing assessment cycle during which customers can see the updates regularly and see the progress daily. We are doing this to ensure transparency and satisfaction to our clients in our services.