Software Development

We love Agile and believe that the right way to develop software is to use Agile to the fullest extent. As our head Agile Coach, Rajeev has trained, coached and built frameworks to help companies deliver incremental software every 2-weeks. 

Our unique software development methodology can help your team develop software in short amount of time. How do we do this? One word – Focus! We help your product team prioritize work and help your team focus on what is important so that every dollar that goes into developing software will result into increased return-on-investment.

Our customers love us – we have built dashboards, desktop apps, mobile apps, cloud-apps, data migration from on premise to cloud, configuration management, automation, IoT and ethical hacking. Do you want to hear our story? call us at (612) 293 – 7585 or contact us at

Our Approach

Our approach is simple because we have learned from our mistakes so we ensure your teams don’t make mistakes. Some common pitfalls we see.
• Project priorities change all the time
• Learning and responding to customer needs is critical – Maximize amount of work not done
• Product vision is often missing, its mostly ad-hoc
• Discover trouble spots sooner
• Deliver fast – Fail fast
• Deliver shippable product frequently
• Learn and recover from mistakes at 10%
• Working software over Comprehensive documentation

How do we fix it?

  • SoftwareNow methodology to develop software fast
  • 3-4 days hands-on Agile onsite or offsite training
  • Implement process, tool selection, setup and customization
  • Onsite Agile coaching and implementation

What is our Delivery Model?

How to take it another notch? 

Our teams following a 2-week sprint with regular code-reviews and daily contacts with product owners and scrum masters. Yes, high-degree of collaboration is required to be successful.