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Testing Automation

Testing automation, a technique that is used as an application for implementation to the entire life cycle of the software in comparatively less time and with more efficiency. It is a technique in which the tester writes a script and uses suitable software for testing. It is a manual technique used to test the load of an application from the load, performance, and stress point of view. This form of testing uses various automation testing tools to write and execute test cases – it does not include any manual involvement during the execution of an automated test suite. The most important motive is to increase the test efficiency and develop the value of software. Our company, BPK Tech, provides you with a wide application in automation website testing and facilitates your work. We give you a better prospect to test all GUI items, connections with databases, field validations, and many more.

Why Should You Hire Us?

An automated testing process lets things like login forms, registration forms, and the place where numbers of users’ access simultaneously become feasible. We assure you with the best technologies and help you to meet your expectations. BPK Tech works on agile training to build the necessary product. We keep a regular check on the methodologies and the problems faced and opt for better aspects. We would like to acknowledge you with our work process and functioning:

  • Priorities of the Project: Our members stay well-versed with the course outcomes and work accordingly. They keep a perfect analysis of the project that is required to have a structure formation. This helps us to work accordingly and reduce the chances of delay.
  • Project Vision: A necessary concrete vision is required regarding the product. This helps to complete the project successfully without delay and with proper checking.
  • Amending Mistakes: We try to understand the problems faced and negotiate accordingly. We keep a detailed check to identify problems at a faster rate and work accordingly to have a productive solution.
  • Customer Engagement: We maintain proper interaction with our customers from the very beginning to know more about their requirements. Communication helps garner better information as we get a detailed description about the requirements of our customers.
  • Delivery: We deliver the products as soon as possible. We take enough time to check the final outcome of the product and then proceed to deliver the same. We help our customers to know the ways and proper techniques to use it better.

Benefits: There are several things that need to be checked in case of a software application. This can be done by automated web testing. It provides us with several aspects that help users keep a thorough check on the functioning of the software. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Fast: This is a faster testing technique compared to the ones done by human users.
  • Repeatable: Automation testing tools test how the website or software reacts after repeated execution of the same operation.
  • Reusable: These tests are applicable to different versions of the software.
  • Reliable: The tests that are performed precisely to do the same operation each time they run, thereby, eliminating human errors.
  • Comprehensive: It has a comprehensive aspect. It builds up test suites of tests that tend to cover each and every feature in a software application.
  • Programmable: Automation testing tools can program sophisticated tests to bring out hidden information.

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Methods Involved

There are a number of steps involved in the process of automated testing. Testing helps in checking the working and quality of the product. It helps in better functioning of the software. Some of the steps are:

  • Deciding what test cases to automate.
  • Going for early tests and testing often.
  • Selecting the right automated website testing in case of websites.
  • Dividing automated testing efforts.
  • Creation of good and quality test data.
  • Creating automated tests that tend to be resistant to the changes in UI.

How We Do It?

We work on our process and methodologies that help us to come up with the best results possible. We work on improving the quality of the product. We try for a speedy delivery with proper checks to prevent any kind of distinction.

  • A Thorough Interaction with the Clients: We engage in a proper interaction with the clients to know the security-based threats they face and what their desired requirements are. We plan accordingly, as in how it can be solved and what kind of application assessment they require.
  • Gathering Resource: Our second step involves gathering the necessary resources. We form our team with skilled members of their field. These members work as a team on the project to give the best results as required by the customer.
  • Setting Up of the Process: The process is set up in fragments that are assigned to separate members who are trusted to give their best. This set up helps in an organized and smooth functioning.
  • Execution of the Plan: After setting the plan, we focus on its execution. Our executives work under the guidance of a team leader or a supervising head. We keep a regular discussion about the progress report of the product along with any kind of difficulty faced by the team members. This enhances the speed of the production.
  • Implementation of the Project: After finishing the project, we engage in a detailed thorough check-up of the product to provide the best quality of products. We provide hands-on training on how the vulnerability assessment tool works better so that our clients can make the best use of it.

Automated testing or test automation is an application or method that helps in testing software. It uses automated software tools to control the execution of tests and then it compares the actual test results with the predicted or expected results. Automated web testing helps in checking online parameters.

Our company, BPK Tech, is one of the most trusted software development companies. We try to meet the requirements of our clients every single time. We serve effectively and build a bond of trust between the company and the client. We make ourselves free to access in case of any information or consultation. We deliver within the promised time along with quality checks. Hence, BPK Tech should be your primal choice for any kind of software structures.