Testing Automation

Automating hundreds of test cases is hard work and then to run them on multiple OS and browser is even harder. When you are doing functional or regression in a compressed timeframe, automation comes in real handy. However, to get to automation, there is lot of investment needed from organizing test cases, recording, playback, fixing recorded scripts and ton of other things. To complicate this, when these automated scripts need to run multiple browsers and multiple operating systems, the problem becomes exponentially difficult so solve. 

BPK Tech has built test automation suite to solve this problem by making your already automated scripts to run against cloud-based testing platforms like Sauce Lab, Browser Stack, Perfecto Mobile, Browserling and TestingBot.

So what are the benefits of using one over another? Here is what we found:

Sauce Labs

What works well?

  • The integration was awesome and super easy
  • Linux rocks on Sauce Labs
  • Mobile testing is better than Browser Stack
  • The provide some storage (temporary though) for mobile apps
  • At times when we ran out of our plan minutes, they have some grace period and additional minutes

What didn’t work?

  • For some reason, they were just really slow
  • Their technical support is not as great as we would have thought
  • We felt the technical solution like JS insertion was not great
  • Sauce Connect was not great.



What works well?

  • Their support is just superb.
  • Technical implementation to add capabilities is just very simple and intuitive
  • Desktop Browser and OS support is better managed than Sauce Labs

What didn’t work?

  • Mobile testing is not so great. For instance, iPad and Galaxy Tab was often breaking.
  • No storage
  • When you run out of minutes at 11 PM in US and the India team is not available or you can’t add minutes, you feel stuck.
Perfecto Mobile

What works well?

  • Their mobile testing is better than Sauce Lab or Browser Stack.

What didn’t work?

  • Adding capabilities is confusing
  • Desktop browser testing is not so great
  • Only advanced plan offers test automation
  • No storage

There are some other options like Browserling (cheaper option) and TestingBot (pricier than Browserling) that may do the job. You can find more about them here:

TestingBot is available here.

Browserling is available here.

Interesting comparison of traffic and web searches here.

A more comprehensive view of all such tools is available here.

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