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W-O-R-K L-I-F-E B-A-L-A-N-C-E – Here’s a Sneak Peek to How BPK Tech Braces It Right!

by | September 21, 2020

Many professionals may feel that achieving a work-life balance is too hard. But, it’s quite easy if you can reduce work stress. But, a few employees Despite knowing all their happy essentials, sometimes employees find it difficult to cope up.

Work-Life Balance is not a myth at BPK Tech. Because we own it on our sleeves.

We decode the work-life balance puzzle!

Work-life balance looks different for everyone. But, at BPK Tech, we’ve got covered our employees to find the perfect work-life balance mantra that’s just right for our BPK Techies.

Less virtual meetings, more action @ WFH

We don’t encourage long meetings. We add more value to our work with more actions! Yes, our teams don’t have unnecessary meetings- until and unless it’s mandatory.

Getting things done perfectly!

BPK Tech’s approach: It’s all about working on to be more productive, for having more innovative ideas and not holding them back. In fact, doing actual things take less time than worrying about the thing. Once we’ve got a plan in place, we take action by making the list or steps perfect. It reduces a lot of tasks and deadlines related to stress in the later stages.

No-door policy at BPK Tech!

Yes, doors never exist for us! All our BPK Techies can walk up to their project managers, team members, managers to discuss anything openly. Being honest, open, and clear about what you need begins with communication. Working closely to manage work is a top-down approach. And we have enabled ways to help our employees to achieve it.

We always stay on the balance!

For all the employees, who find it really difficult to draw the line or disconnect, regardless of the responsibility or roles – BPK Techies are always encouraged to truly enjoy what they really do and find a way to balance that passion with personal commitments as well.

If you’re planning to achieve perfect work-life balance goals, then join us.

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